Hello Beautiful People!!!

Happy New Year!!!!!

How are you guys doing? At the beginning of last year, I wrote my blog goals in order to be accountable to you all and I am here to do a review of those goals and see how we did.

Last year on the blog our all time visits came to 50,000+ views and our 5 most visited blog posts were;

As the blog continues to grow, I am just so excited at the amount of amazing women I have met in the course of the year! Just because of this blog, I don't take it for granted in anyway.

Here were my goals and how we did in 2019;

Goals for 2019

  •        Write 1 – 2 posts per month - We wrote about 40 articles this year in total which is absolutely amazing!
  •      Collaborate with brands - We have not really achieved this, but I know there will be more possibilities this 2020
  •    Release one more physical product - This was achieved! Whooot! Even more amazing we did 2!!!! We registered The Cuddle Play house as a business also this year and we are super excited to kick off operations in 2020!
  •       One digital product - Still working on this, the time isn't right yet.
  •       Start a mum (support) club - We started this late in the year and we are accepting new members in January, if you are a stay at home mum and you'd like to join, let me know.
  •     Host an event for the hangout - Even better we did a homeschooling conversations! 
  •      Have guest posts from other mums - We did this!
  •      Share YouTube videos once a month - We flopped! Lol
In 2019 I will be focusing on
  •     Stay at home mum content
  •     Homeschooling resources and my journey
  •     Parenting a toddler
  •     Raising godly kids
Our Goal for 2020; 
  •       Write more blog posts - 4 Posts a Month
  •       Collaborate with brands 
  •       Do reviews of products and places
  •       Organize our 2nd edition of homeschooling conversations 
  •       Do outings for our Homeschooling support group
  •       Grow and do offline events for our stay at home mums support group
  •       Create resources for homeschooling and sahm mums 
Our focus stays the same as we would include;
  •       Product reviews
     Looking back has a way to help you keep what is in focus in focus and not beat yourself up over unachieved goals. I would say we didn't bad for ourselves this year and I am really grateful for everyone that read this blog and shared, please leave comments next year. Lol.
I pray that God willing we all have a great and fulfilling 2020! God bless you loads! 

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