Welcome to our Homeschooling update. When we started this year, I knew we couldn't give weekly update like last year because I didn't anticipate how much the holiday will affect our routine, It's still February and we have still not recovered but we are getting there slowly but surely. 

I made a whole spreadsheet for the year in order to keep me accountable and so far we have followed it, I am actually happy about it, although we have seriously cut back on the number of activities we do during the day and there's been no pressure at all. 

At the end of 2019, I walked the people in the homeschooling group on the basics of homeschooling and it got me thinking again about my philosophy on education what path we wanted to choose as a family and I think I finally decided on one. I think. Lol (You'd see it at the end)

I took lessons from choosing a path , 2019 homeschooling journey and used it while I was working on our plan this year and it made me make better decisions, focus on what was important and not fuss over what I thought it should look like in my mind. I shared in an insta live session on how I planned for the year and posted on Youtube 

Themes we explored in January:
  • All about me
  • Home
  • Personal Health 
  • Family

We had a great time and also squeezed in about 3 outings (Freedom Park, Nike art Gallery & Laterna Bookstore)
See Our Image gallery for January below (If you want me to share the exact things we did let me know) ; 

"How many pom-poms can the hand hold?"

Make a face

Gross motor cards 

Stones for painting

Out the face together 

Family Sensory bin

Walk the road less travelled 

Freedom Park


Washing Hands

Making a car 

Nike art gallery

Baking with Aunty Cakesbylonpe

Family Tree

Exploring the outdoors


The Making 


Who is in your house


So, I realised I am leaning more towards, unschooling and unit study educational philosophy, Let's see how that plays out.
What does your homeschool look like in 2020?