I've been to landmark beach 2 times and I think (not been to all the available beaches in Lagos) it's the most kids friendly in terms of them swimming inside the water more so because it is clean! ⠀
__ ⠀
The first time I went they had a children's day activity and everywhere was clean the children had fun, played and I knew I found somewhere we can be sneaking to on extra hard homeschooling days.. We paid 3k for that event I think, it wasn't a bad price for the value. I was comfortable to let my son, really play in the water. ⠀
The next time we went it wasn't any special event and that was when I was hit with the real price. Lol. Although that day it wasn't as clean (see 3rd slide) as the first time we went the water was still clear and the place still had my heart. This second time, I went with a friend on a weekday and we were told we had to also pay to rent a seat and the beach was practically empty with plenty of empty seats available. I couldn't cry, dazz, when I knew that what I hoped will be a regular trip, cannot enter our budget. Lol⠀

They have a lot of side attraction, games to play, swing etc.


What I love about the place: ⠀
- Clearwater⠀
- Not so heavy tides ⠀
- Clean beach ⠀
- Children's play area ⠀
- Space for the kids to run around. ⠀


What I didn't like;
- I had to pay for a seat when there was practically no one else at the beach.⠀

What we spent; ⠀
2k/person adult ⠀
1k/child 5-12 Years
2k/seat We spent about 6k/7k ⠀

Update: Check out their pricing, some of it has changed since the pandemic 


I would recommend the place absolutely for a fun family-friendly outing. I really wish there was a weekday less-traffic days package for some of us that are just going there for our children. ⠀

Our verdict: 4.5/5 cuddly loves!⠀