One of the things I've seen in my 3 years of homeschooling in Nigeria is that there are very affordable places to take your kids to.  Sometimes some of the objections you get from parents for not taking their children on adventures is that it's so expensive. I realized that for most places it's usually free to enter for children of young ages and half the price from age 5. 

In this article, I will share with you 9 places you can take your children to that will cost you 2k or less; 

  1. Railway Compound: The Jaekel House is a 2-story colonial mansion in Ebute Metta, Lagos, Nigeria. The house was built in 1898 on a large expanse of landscaped land and named after the late Francis Jaekel OBE, a former superintendent of the Nigerian Railway Corporation who retired in the 1970s after almost three decades of active service.

Jaekel House was formally the residence of the General Manager and was later converted to a senior staff rest house. The building has been renovated and restored by Professor John Godwin in collaboration with the Railway Corporation in 2010.

The building is now a “mini-museum” showcasing photographic archives dating from the 1940s through to 1970s of personalities, places, historical events in pre-and post-independent Nigeria and houses artefacts (tools, equipment, attires, pictures etc) of the old Railway Corporation


What we loved: Mummy loved the history that the place holds, neatly kept and maintained, serene and generally lovely. Kids loved all the train stuff, the old things in the museum, looking at the old pictures, and large space to run around.
What we didn't like: Honestly, there was nothing I didn't like about the place. Gotta give it to the managers of the place! @legacy1995ng


Cost: Kids: 200
           Adult: 1000

Cuddly Ratings: 5 Cuddly loves


2. Millennium Park - Abuja: the biggest park I've ever seen! Millennium Park. The amazing thing is that it's free! I was even more surprised at the level of maintenance and the facility itself, simply amazing. It is located in the Maitama district of the city

3. Abayomi Finnih Park: it's still new, spacious and has a Mini-Zoo and other activities! It is located on the Opebi link bridge in Ikeja

4. Freedom Park: 

You have to pay ₦200 to enter which in my opinion is not bad, there's a museum (which we didn't see), a mini playground, fish pond with beautiful orange fishes, art, the portal Lagos (I didn't quite get the idea of this place, but it sounded cool, you can talk to different people in different locations in the world) we couldn't do the portal thing because the people to talk to were unavailable at the time, there's food and aloooot of history! The place looks averagely maintained.

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5. Lufasi Park: Lufasi park is an acronym for Lekki Urban Forestry and Animal Shelter [source] located Majek 1st Gate, KM 41, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lagos, Lekki - Epe expressway is fancy way for saying, it's after LBS, after Novare mall, so be aware of the distance. 


6. Muri Okunola park: Muri Okunola Park is located Opposite law school in VI perfect place for a picnic and for your child to run around. 
Cost: Free

7. Agodi gardens - Ibadan: Formerly called Agodi Zoological and Botanical Gardens, Agodi Gardens was created in 1967. The garden was destroyed by the Ogunpa flood disaster in 1980 as most of the animals were swept away by the raging water. The garden was renovated in 2012 by the Oyo State Government and the new Agodi Gardens was reopened in 2014. It is located around the secretariet. It cost 500 for adult and children

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8. Ibadan zoo: The University of Ibadan Zoological Garden was established in 1948 primarily as Menagerie to support teaching and research in the Department of Zoology. With time the animal collection grew in number and diversity and the Menagerie gradually became a full fledged Zoo in 1974. It welcomes a large number of visitors from far and near every year.
The University of Ibadan Zoo, like most modern zoos, displays wild animals primarily for the conservation of endangered species, as well as for research purposes and education, and so also for the entertainment of visitors.
The garden is home to a wide array of animals comprising mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. It is located in the university of Ibadan.

Cost: 500 for adult & Children

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9. Lekki Conservation: The NCF is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to sustainable development and nature conservation. It also serves as an area of biodiversity conservation and environmental awareness centre. The foundation aims to preserve Nigeria's species and ecosystems, promote sustainability when using natural resources and advocates actions that minimise the impact on the environment and prevent resource wastage. ⠀

 It is located oppositte chevron traffic light on Lekki-epe expressway.

Children: 200 (5>) Free for below 5
Student: 300
Adult: 1000 
Canopy: 1000 

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10. Children's park and zoo Abuja: 

National Children's Park and Zoo, the maintenance story for this one is not for today, but it's a great space, affordable, quite a number of animals to see and learn about, we didn't get a guide though. It would've been great if the place is well maintained, if they have to take the entry fee abit higher to do that, it will be worth it tbh... But it was great enough for my child to see the wild animals in real life. Their lions are really cute and look so clean! I would go back there if and when I come back! Animals they have Lions, Buffalo, monkeys, rabbits, ostrich, hyena, horse, pony, birds, crocodile, tortoise, donkey, goose, snake

Cost: it's ₦400 for adults ₦200 for children above 3, free for children below 3.

Bonu: Nike Art Gallery: Nike art gallery is located at Elegusi traffic light in Lekki. It is free but you have to sign an undertaking of some sort if you want to take your kids in.