Lois is a friend of mine and I've known her for about 3 years now if i'm not mistaken. Amazed at her strength and tencity. Today the spotlight is on her SAHM journey as she shares her heart with us, you can find her talking about her motherhood journey @thismotherhoodthingy

1.  Please introduce yourself

My name is Lois Leke-Amoo. I'm a stay-at-home Mum, author, and a graphics designer.

2. How many kids(with ages) do you have and how long have you been a stay-at-home mum?

I have an amazing 2year old and I've been a stay-at-home Mum since she was born. Before sef if you will. Lol

3. What did you do before making the decision to be a sahm?

 I was running a jewelry company that made unique and beautiful jewelry for both males and females.

4. What was your thought process like while making the decision?

For me, it wasn't like I had a choice. My daughter was born premature so I had to stay at home and care for her...even though I always wanted to homeschool and knew being a stay-at-home Mum might be what will work... still, having a premature baby wasn't how I pictured it will happen. Lol.

5. What has been your challenges so far? 

The major challenge is not making as much money. Before I got married, I was used to sorting myself out and making 'my money'. So now, not making so much has been....hmmm...but since it's something we both agreed to, I keep that in view when I feel weird.

6. What do you absolutely love about being a sahm?

Experiencing every moment with my daughter! Not missing fun times and even the annoying ones too. They are growing me. I love the bonding too.

7. One of the things that a lot of the people talk about with regards to being a sahm is "How to make money?" What has your journey with making an income been like as a sahm?

Hehehe. People should leave stay at home Mum's alone. We honestly should be paid because managing a home and catering to children is not for the faint-hearted o. My journey with income-making has been very up and down. Many months I don't make a dime and then some inflow comes.
Late last year, I started looking inwards for ways to make money and not kill myself or overload my already busy schedule. I wrote a book about all I'm learning as a Christian toddler Mum and the response has been awesome. I also ventured into graphics design and while that isn't making money for me yet...I'm very excited about the future

8. How do you currently make money (if you do)?

I think I already answered that. Winks.

9. What do you think are some of the misconceptions people have about being a sahm? 

The major misconception is that stay at home Mum's are taking the easy way out. Allowing just the man to 'hustle' while they 'cruise'. If only they know the work involved ehn. The other one is the whole pressure to make money! Gosh. Relax people! Let her understand everything being a sahm entails and then trust me, she will start to think about money-making. But to put that pressure on her is grossly unfair and insensitive.

10. Have you gotten any negative comments about your decision?

A lot. Especially on making money or doing something with myself other than being a Mum. Mhen it was hard. But thank God for the husband I married. He kept assuring me that I was doing just fine.

11. Have you dealt with doubt or low self-esteem because of your decision?

Yes, many times. There will always be seasons of doubt...but I have learned to pray about them and voice them out to my hubby. Sometimes all I'm thinking is all in my head and the reality of the matter is totally different.

12. How important do you think having a supportive spouse is on this journey?

150% important o. If you don't have a supportive spouse...it's like a death trap! You and your spouse must agree over and over again that this decision is joint because it will affect both of you and sometimes test the marriage as well.

13. What do you do to take care of yourself/have fun? 

Read a book, watch a movie, dance with my toddler, go out with friends.

14. What advice would you give a mum who is currently thinking of becoming a sahm?

Be sure of your WHY. Write it down. Agree with your husband how long you wanna do this and the necessary nitty-gritty. Lastly and most importantly, pray, pray, and pray again!