We're so excited to start our outings again and we went to freedom park.

For those that don't know, Freedom Park was formally a prison in the 80s and the park was created to preserve history & promote culture.

I know once upon a time it was a place that is perfect for children and adults because they have a playground, they do shows, theater, there's a food court, statues that have different facts about Nigeria and our culture, a museum, a pond and where to purchase souvenirs but now...

... The playground is definitely a shadow of itself, there was no one to direct us per seeing the museum, the pond was dirty, however, the place is clean and they continue to put make-up ( and keep the space alive.

If you're going to go with your kids, only the swing and trampoline work but one has to be careful on the trampoline because it has no guard, there's space for your children to run around and a ramp cuddles enjoyed running up and down on. The pond has beautiful fishes and your kids will love feeding them and seeing them jump. I also hear there are fishing classes Saturdays and Sundays which should be exciting.. You can catch a fish and purchase it and if you're in luck and catch a show, even better. They can also learn a bit of history through the statues and writings around the park. 

What we spent:

500/Adult to access the park 

Free for kids

We also paid 1000 for fish food so we can feed them (It did not make sense to me too but the guy said that's how they roll) 

Cuddly ratings: 3.5/5 Cuddly loves

I would recommend for you to take your kids but managed your expectations. I would also suggest coming on a Saturday so the fishing can be a highlight for your kids and you can explore the park but I'm sure weekends will be busy. 

Location:  Lagos Island aka Isale Eko, Freedom Park is accurate on the map.