A Gem!

Our National Museum! 

In July 1948, the first architectural sketches of the museum were submitted to a conference on museum policy in Nigeria. The museum was founded in 1957 by the English archaeologist Kenneth Murray. The purpose with the construction of this museum was to preserve different historical artifacts of Nigeria. Kenneth Murray had collected several traditional masks from Cross River State, these masks were displayed in the museum. During the first decade of the museum's existence, the British Museum gave the Nigerian National Museum two plaques and other artifacts. Souce: Wikipedia

The museum houses the richness of Nigerian culture. It displays the cycle of life, Birth, and death. There is a display of all things culture around the birth of a child, carvings, royal crowns, masquerades, etc.

When we were done with the tour I had to say "Our culture is so rich"

It's just amazing how without enough sensitization for the public the said culture will not be on display for people to see. In all my 30+ years of living in Lagos, I've never been to our National Museum.

What I love about the place: It's neat and you can tell that they are trying to improve the appearance of the place. I loved the richness of the culture that is displayed. Love that you have diverse cultures within Nigeria on display. 

What I didn't like: You can't take pictures. Why can't you take pictures? It's 2021! There's a way pictures are allowed in these kind of places... They will tell you to ensure people are in the picture and not take the artifacts alone. I had to ask, how will people know if we don't take pictures? 

I also didn't like that there was no tour guide, the lady just said "read it, it's explanatory" 😂 what? In a national museum. [Update: they now have tour guides]

I also didn't like that they did not have a Pos again it's 2021 and Lagos is the champion for cashless so why? Had to go and look for cash with my child before we could pay. 

Things to note: 

Take Cash with you.

Pictures are not allowed. [Update. pictures are now allowed]

Your child below 5 probably doesn't want to hear the history, find simple points to pass across.




Cuddly Rating: 

4/5 Cuddly loves


Onikan, Lagos Island (right beside TBS and Lagos City mall 

Update: They now have a lovely playground 

Have you been to the National Museum? What was your experience?