It's that time of the year when I share my blog progress and blog goals with you.  Here is the link to 2021 blog review

what I proposed as my goal for 2021

  • I would love to create more valuable content - sharing more of what we do with homeschooling and encouraging other SAHMs - I did abit of this but more on Instagram than on the blog
  • I would love to collaborate with more brands using my video skills and photography skills - I did a collaboration 
  • I would love to get an assistant as soon as I can afford it. - I finally got one in 2022 Whoop 
  • I would love to finish the project I am working on - I couldn't 
  • I would love to continue the work we are doing with Homeschooling conversations - We did it!!! 
  • I would love to update my Canva course and launch my blogging course on a decent platform to consolidate it - I couldn't 
But you see, I fell pregnant and It's a miracle I got out the 21 posts I made throughout the year but you also know the amazing thing because I made more SEO-friendly articles I got the most views on more of those posts that I have ever done on this blog. 

Here is a list of my top posts for 2021

  1. Golden Morn - 2,654 Views
  2. Things to do with kids in Abeokuta - 2,502 Views
  3. Crocs - 2,324 Views
  4. Lagos to Ibadan with kids - 1,055 Views
  5. Freedom: Importance of free play - 1,002 Views
  6. Sahm Spotlight - Adesola - 828 Views
  7. Agodi Gardens - 730 Views
  8. Pregnancy Diary 2 - How we found out - 588 Views
Blog Income report: 

2020 was the first time I made money on this blog and I was hoping to make significantly more in 2021 but then I fell pregnant and didn't push a lot because I was initially sick and I also didn't want to push myself too much. Around the middle of the year I took on some campaigns, so here is what I made from campaigns and ads. 

2 Campaigns: N92,000
Ads: 24,000 

Total: N116,000 Which is less than I made last year. I also didn't sell my course in 2021 because I wanted to change a few things and reshoot. So, I already knew I wouldn't make so much money. 

2022 Blog Goals: 

  1. Continue to consistently create valuable content documenting our journey homeschooling and life as a sahm
  2. Finish a project before March. (I will tell you all about it) 
  3. Would love to collaborate with brands and do more campaigns 
  4. Visit at least 40 places with Cuddles 
  5. Relaunch my Canva course and Record the Blogging course 
  6. Build our Homeschooling Community
  7. Get me a Manager 
I am looking forward to what this year holds and what more can be done with the little resources available to me. 

Please tell me one of your goals for 2022