I'm not a big fan of places like these but I decided to try this week.

We went to @bubblesplaykingdom at Palms, VI.

It wasn't bad at all.

The place is neat, looks maintained, and is a good place to let the kids burn some energy on a weekend when you need a break.

With 2,500 you can play got 2 hours (although we didn't finish our 2 hours because I left snuggles at home with Grandma and he needed his milk machine)

Because the place was empty, cuddles made me slide with him and do most of the activities with him. It felt weird to actually participate in the fun, it felt nice.

What I liked: You only pay for the adult that follows the child into the play area. So if you have a nanny you can pay for just one person. (I've seen places that you pay for every adult to access a play place for kids)

What I didn't like: There was one part at the back of the play place where the padding they put was coming off already. Asides from that everything looks good.

Remember to take your socks.


4,000 whole day
1,000/adult going into the play area
1,000 for socks

Cuddly Rating: 3.5/5 Cuddly loves

Location: The Palms, VI

Watch our video here