I visited @landmarkbeachlagos last in September last year and we visited again last week.

Quite a number of things have changed and I thought to share here so you are not angry like me. Lol.

A lot of the things are really eye-rolling but Hey na them get business, what is my own.

1. They are doing construction on what used to be their massive car park and guess what? They decided to move their ticketing booth to the FRONT of Landmark, so you are either dropped at the car park or drive to the car park then you have to walk backward to get your band. 🙄 You see, eye-rolling things. When you could've put it close to the entrance easily ooo. Again, na them get business, lol.

2. They don't have a free kids' play area again. It's not paid for, they partnered with maxitivity so you need like 2 - 8k depending on what you pick for the play area. There's a swimming pool too.

3. They still ask you to pay 3k to sit down on their chair on fewer traffic days 🙄 they did not even look at the baby we are carrying o, they asked us to stand up when there were plenty of empty chairs 😩

4. You still travel 360 degrees to get out of their facility after being exhausted at the beach.


They are a family-friendly beach, I'm just happy to see cuddles playing in the water, and until we find another one that is close by we go they manage them like that.

Have you visited Landmark Beach recently? What was your experience?

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