We are in IITA for a short holiday and the most FAQ is "How much" "What's booking like" I will share everything in this article.

IITA is an institute and they have a pretty strict policy so you can't just visit without making a reservation.

To make a Reservation you send an email to iita-reservations@cgiar.org stating the days you'd like to book for, they will tell you if it's available and what rooms they have with a copy of the current rates.

Here are the rates as at March 2022

My process: I called their reservation phone line (got on their website) asked for the available rooms and sent a mail but I didn't get a response to the mail so I called about 2 days to the day and found out they did not see my mail but responded to me immediately after the call. 

Apparently, they are very on top of their reservation emails and they will respond to you. 

Just note that they are booked and busy so don't do last minute.