This is the second article of our IITA Series, you can read the booking process here. 

We got into IITA at night and when it was morning, we knew we had to explore the grounds. The kids and I went off to take in the scenery. 

There are quite a number of things to do at IITA which include; 

  1. Guided Tour 
  2. Bird Watching 
  3. Fishing 
  4. Golf Course 
  5. Table Tennis 
  6. Lawn Tennis 
  7. Swimming 
  8. Lakeside view
  9. Bicycle Riding 
  10. Gym
  11. Forest Walk
  12. Salon 
  13. Squash 
  14. Basket Ball 
 Here is what we did: 

We went to sightseeing. One thing is IITA is so so beautiful, the environment is so serene, no generator noise, the grass is green, the trees are green, you hear the birds chirping, they follow their traffic rules and EVERYONE is nice, like random strangers just saying hello to you. I chucked it up to being so at peace and "worry-free" that you are not tightening the world to your chest. 

We went to the golf course: Absolutely beautiful expanse of land and it ends with a lake just absolutely stunning. 

If you want to play golf and you don't have any equipment here's what it costs: 

Bag - 1,500 
Balls - 1,500 
Training- 2,500 
Maintenance Fee: 2,000 

I decided against it because it was too pricey for me. 

We had lunch at the snack bar: 

I had a burger and hubby had Poundo Yam. I will talk about my view of the food in my final review.

Cuddles explored the playground, we saw the lawn tennis, swimming pool, table tennis etc around the snack bar. 

We went to explore the dam/lakeside view. It is not hype, the place is so beautiful!! If I was alone and I sat by the lakeside, It would've been the most refreshing thing!

On our way back, we saw some men fishing, Cuddles spoke to him to show him and he asked us to hop in his car (remember I said they are so nice) the man drove us to another part of the lake and we saw the art of fishing and wow! 

Something we learned about fishing: 

  1. Bait doesn't have to be a worm. They used artificial fish as bait. 
  2. Not all fish eat worms, some eat fish, some are vegetarians 
  3. You can go and be unlucky and not catch anything. Like that day
  4. There's the art & science to fishing 
  5. They are in a fishing club
  6. The man caught a 60+kg fish in that dam. for context a bag of rice is 50kg and he wrestled with it for about 22 mins. 
  7. If you catch a small fish, you have to release it. You are only allowed to catch big ones.

When we were about to leave he said he wanted to give cuddles stories to tell and gave him the fishing rod and guess what? he caught something 

He caught a noodles nylon!!!

We ended the day back in our room chilling.

We had ambitious plans for Day 2, let's see how it went.