This was my ambitious Itinerary for Day 2. Read what we did on day 1

  1. Go on a Tour of the facility 
  2. Visit the Nursery 
  3. Play Golf 
  4. Swim 
We had booked the guided tour the previous day but apparently, they said the people didn't pick up so there goes our guided tour or not? One of my followers reached out to me (Thank you Olaide) that she worked in IITA and would love to take me around, I was so excited. She arranged for her colleague to take us around and it was very educative. 

Official Guided tour cost: 
3,500/ Adult 
2,500/ Child

The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) is a non-profit institution
that generates agricultural innovations to meet Africa’s most pressing challenges of hunger,
malnutrition, poverty, and natural resource degradation. Working with various partners across
sub-Saharan Africa, we improve livelihoodsenhance food and nutrition security,
increase employment, and preserve natural resource integrity.

basically, they do research on some major staples for African countries. E.g Looking for the right terrin to grow the best type of yams in Nigeria or what specie of Mango is the best? Those type of things.  They grow plants for research purposes, take readings, have scientiest and the whole nine yards. Mr Seriki took us to one of the screen houses where they planted peppers, bell peppers, tomatoes with the aim of knowing at what will bring the most yield, how much fruits can they get out of it, things like that. They grow for research purposes. We saw the rice padding, maize plantation, mango plantation (has different species of mango), cassava, yam etc. It was indeed an educational tour and eye opening.  Really great option for  homeschool tour. 

So many things to see. We didn't have access to go into some of these places because it wasn't an official tour. 

We went swimming.  Just generally dipped in the pool and had some fun till evening. It was friday night and the snack bar was popping. They had pizza, we ate ordered some pizza and called it a night. 

We took some time in the morning before we left to take some bomb images. Once should go here at least twice one to explore and one to just rest! It will definitely be worth it. 

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