If you follow Workingmumdiary and Seytheniftymum you would've heard of Rivetrix toys. 

They are Stem hands-on resources for your kids. I knew I wanted to get some magnet tiles for cuddles and what better time than his birthday. 

I checked on their IG page to make a decision, the link directs to their WhatsApp but I eventually found their website it was an easy process to order and I got my order the same day. I think because of the amount of my order, it was free shipping, and who doesn't like free shipping, not me. 

We got

Rivetrix 100 pcs transparent magnetic construction tiles × 1 ₦25,000.00

Rivetrix Creative Drill Set × 1


Rivetrix 100 pcs magnetic tiles: 

What I love about it

1. It is an open-ended toy (Which basically means you can use it in different ways and it grows with your child) 

2. Your child can and will play with it for hours 

3. They can play independently. Once they get a hang of how it works, it's free play from there. 

4. You have quite a number of pieces to play with to make different interesting pieces. 

5. It promotes creativity and imaginative play. 

What I don't like, 

1. You can't create a lot of the sample ideas on the pack with all the tiles in the box. I would've expected that for 100 pcs (which is the highest set they have) you should be able to create a lot, which means you have to buy another set to make up for it. 

2. Whatever your child makes can easily scatter, the magnets are not so strong, so when your child spends hours making something, it can fall apart with one simple tug and that can be frustrating for them. I can't tell you how many meltdowns I've dealt with because of this. Lol. 

3. Some of the pieces that made up the 100, I could really do without. I was given the impression I was buying 100pcs of magnetic tiles and they added some pcs to paste alphabet that alone was 20 whopping pieces that are not magnetic. 

For the price point, I would recommend it. It's still a great resource just don't be surprised or vexed by the shortcomings. 

I would still love to try the magnetile itself if the magnet will hold. 

3.5/5 Cuddly loves

Rivetrix Creative Drill Set

I got this because my son has an interest in drilling and I thought it will be fun. 

What I liked about it,

1. The drill, it's absolutely cute and works well with the batteries. 

2. It's also open-ended and you can create a lot of things with it using the pieces 

3. The pieces come in a "briefcase" which can help keep them together in one place. 

What I didn't like, 

1. I wish the pieces came in different bags but you have to "cut" it out of the plastic thing and it wasn't so easy removing the pieces 

2. I wish it showed all the ways it could be used in the "manual" until I saw a picture online did I know that it could actually stand.  I was wondering what those pieces were for.

I found this online but it wasn't in the sample manual. 

Rating: 3/5 Cuddly loves 

 We use the magnet tiles more than the drill set at the moment but I am sure once he is older and gets a better hang of it it will be used more. I do recommend it for creative open-ended play and inspite of it's shortcoming it is worth it. 

Do you have the Rivetrix toys? What's your experience with it?