Abuja doesn't have a lot of water bodies so when we saw this Kayaking place we decided to check it out. 

My son saw this bubble thing and wanted to do it and since I am heavy on experiences, why not?

There's not much just a few things to note if you want to go

1. We had to wait some minutes before someone answered us because they went to pray.

2. They have a space that is great for picnics.

3. The place is not big, don't expect too much in terms of the looks of the "water" side

4. There was a wait time to use the bubble, wasn't sure if they have just one.

5. Use insect repellent. There were tiny things biting. I saw them give the people who did kayak mosquito repellent.

6. Ask for the attendant to be present, I saw the experience was different if you're trying to run yourself vs  when they are pushing you front and back (like in the video) 

Cuddles clearly had fun. He was laughing at the person that went before him for falling down until it was his turn and he saw it wasn't as easy as he thought.


Bubble N3000 for 20 Mins

Kayak N2,000

Their other services range from 2k to 5k check out their IG page @amazon_kayak

08133380369 09014987435

Cuddly Loves: 4/5 because my son loved the experience over any other inconvenience.

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