The one experience you need to experience in Abuja. 

I cannot explain in words how I felt here. Maybe because it was a whole different experience from our trip or just how welcoming they were here but whatever it was, it was a great experience. 

Our journey there didn't come without its hiccups but if you have a car then you don't have to worry about such. I would say hire a taxi for the day if you can. 

Somewhere in the backside of Abuja this gem is situated. 

We had a tour guide that educated us on how the pottery go from raw clay to the pottery that we see and use and I must say it was very enlightening. 

What I liked? 

I absolutely loved everything about the experience. It was different and definitely worth it. 

I don't think there is anything I didn't like about it. 

Things to note

1. The drive is a bit long and if you are going with kids, snacks won't help

2. You can inform them ahead because they have the option to do grilled fish 

3. Your pottery is ready in about 2 weeks 

4. Ask all your questions


Tour 1k

Pottery 2k 

Price range of pottery to buy 1000 - x where x = infinity 

5/5 Cuddly loves