Hmmm.... I'm conflicted about this, when I was there I was just saying "wow wow wow" like siren but when I left and started really asking myself about the experience I just realized that they used moving Yaradua to carry my stew ni. 

I had to admit to myself that Abuja people like Effizy because if you see the decor? No be h


The things to explore in the digital museum

1. Some facts about Nigeria

2. Music room

3. Digital art

4. 360 room

5. Some art collection

6. VR room showing a documentary on the reality in IDP camps

7. Cinema view of a documentary about Nigeria

I can't remember what else if I missed anything.

What I liked:

1. The staff were extremely nice and helpful. One carried snuggles so I could enjoy the VR documentary

2. I liked moving Yaradua 😂 for some reason it's his image that is stuck in my head.

3. That decoration gan gan they are charging for, I liked it. 😂

4. The effort that was put in to honor the Nigerian army. It's worthy of note.

5. They are forward-thinking enough to not say "don't snap in the museum" I liked that. 

What I didn't like:

1. For the name "Discovery" there's really not so much to discover that you don't already know. You should leave a museum more knowledgeable. I didn't. Even the music room just had the names of the people... Nothing about music in that Era etc. Please go to Obasanjo's presidential library and see how to do research. It just feels like they didn't put in so much research work into the museum.

2. I feel like they just wanted to forcefully advertise a particular digital artist to me. Like we saw his work already then you are made to see it again and again... I had to ask if that's the only digital artist in Nigeria or it's a partnership... Apparently, it's a partnership. I don't think museums should be like that, but what do I know?

3. What is the 360 room for? 😂 I was just made to be looking at the same artist's work. I was confused. I think it could be more utilized.

4. I know it's a digital museum but a little bit more light won't hurt I think.

Will I say it's worth it? Hmmm... Tricky. I don't think it's worth 5k to be very honest. Will I say you shouldn't go? I'm too Amebo for that, you sef go and feed your eyes... 😂Except if they take feedback sha, just know what to expect. If you don't go, you may not necessarily be missing anything, just imagine Yaradua in HD moving his head from left to right and blinking 😂

If you have plenty money that won't pain you if it goes, by all means.




Cuddly Rating: 3/5 Cuddly loves. 3 is for Yaradua!

Have you been to the discovery museum, what did you think about it?