We found a new beach that is not in Epe! 😂I can now break up with you know who. One of the things that always bothered me about you know who is how everything felt so money driven without thinking about the user experience of the beach goer and @thegoodbeachlagos took all those things and made it so easy and that was the selling point for me.

What I like:

1. LOUNGE CHAIR IS FREE and based on first come first serve based. Like if you visit someone it's only common courtesy that they at least give you a place to sit 😐 if you now want extra comfort i.e Cabana you can now pay for that.     

2. Beach is also family/kids friendly. Like your kids can play at a safe distance without you worrying too much. I absolutely loved that. 

3. There is a pool that we didn't pay extra for. Now, someone mentioned that is how Landmark started too, they made a lot of things free to draw people and after a while just started putting price on everything. Now, I don't know their plans o but it felt good to not pay extra to swim. Lol.

4. Picture worthy: from the multi coloured vendor stands to the pool, everywhere you can literally just go there to just be snapping and e go be like Miami.     

5. The entrance and the exit are right next to each other. The pay point is just as you are entering. Like you don't need to walk the long mile before you pay or after your time at the beach. I couldn't imagine doing that again with a baby in the mix. 

6. Friendly staff: I'm a sucker for people that indulge children and are extra nice. The staff went out of their way to be that. 

What I didn't like:

1. For the name "Good" beach they played bad music. F-word here and there flying around, B-word here and there. Abeg for the sake of us bringing children, let my child not be saying the F-word because we came to your beach.

2. The beach front was dirty, they cleaned it up before we left.

3. Things being pricey is relative but as you know me I'm not rich so the vendors in the beach that they have so far is on the high side. Like, don't even think you can get a decent meal for like 5k ya a jonzer. Ice-cream alone I bought for 4k. I don't know about their corkage fee but prepare your wallet as food is not allowed.       

Like my friend said, let's just put "for now" in front of everything because as they get popular and don't need people to know about them they can become proud and start doing things to send us away. So, let's enjoy it all while it is still there.

Entrance fee

Mon - Thur 3k

Kids below 5 (I think) - Free

Not sure of other ages (please clarify)

Entrance fee Fri - Sunday 4k

If you doing Cabana 35k

All their pricelist is also on their IG page @thegoodbeachlagos

Please help us and tell us in advance now all the things that you will still ask money from us let us not be surprised. T for Thanks.

For now: 4/5 Cuddly loves!

I highly recommend (for now 😂) just epp us change your Playlist tainz.