I found the best swim instructor in Abuja.

Yes cuddles had been 1 year plus he has had different swimming instructors. Then the pandemic, we got floaters and based on his previous learnings he became a good swimmer but when the floaters came off... 😂

So we got another instructor with the aim to teach him how to swim without floaters, he did learn to swim with the diving board but also came out of that lesson with a fear of putting his head under water because he drank water.

We went to splash Waterpark in Abuja and as usual we were the only ones there so the instructor/lifeguard came around and was having a chitchat with Cuddles only to find out he was scared of putting his face underwater. Then he started to guide him, answered all his questions and gently taught him how to do it and I kid you not in less than an hour my boy was swimming without his floaters with his head in water and all. I would really love to say my boy is a genius but good instructors make their students look like genius.

I went ahead to book him for a few days before I left and we used Grand pela hotel (I recommend their pool - we went to another one which was dirty) unfortunately it became too cold to swim for long but he told me what was next in his training for when we get to Lagos. Before we left, we swam without floaters, swam to the end of the pool, and learned to climb to the edge even when the pool is too deep for you, we can swim in any depth of the pool, with different styles of swimming. Honestly, for the quality of training I got I would pay an arm and a leg in Lagos to get it. 

If you are in Abuja and you want a good trainer Mr Bebe is your guy and he has fair rates. 07034732776