It was important that we didn't just go to play places but also experience the different cultures and having a northern food experience was one we needed to have. 

Opeyemi Famakin (The biggest food critic in Nigeria) was in Abuja at the time and he decided to show us the perfect place to experience northern food in Abuja and off we went. We had never tried northern food before and it was a good experience. 

All the things different about the experience

1. We put off our shoes at the door   

2. We sat on the floor 

3. Base ingredients are not unfamiliar but the way and manner they cooked it is what makes the difference. 

We tried 

Cuddles loved the Masa and I loved the Denderu and Kunu that I had. It was a better experience than all the kunu I had tasted. It was sweet, light and no ginger. Lol. 

Mitya encouraged me to try something new and I didn't' regret it at all. Cuddles still asks and talks about Ope till today because he convinced my son to be a soldier and gave him a gift. 

I am glad he got to experience not just all the play places but still takes a bit of the culture with him.