This year's Homeschooling Conversations has been one for the books in a good and not-so-good way. 

It was one of the hardest events to put together for me and initially, I thought it was because i've generally had a tough year with the addition of another baby but I soon realized that it was more than that. I had the least support in terms of volunteers, monetary donations & sponsorship this year, so there was the financial burden I had to carry and decisions to make as to what was important to keep or let go of. 

I decided to charge a 500 ticket fee for this year's event because I wanted to have people committed to attending the event but less1 month before the event a huge chunk of people were still having issues with the payment platform, I had to make the decision to either spend the time with support trying to sort it out or conserve my energy and scrape the payment altogether and the latter is what I did. 

The challenges faced didn't mean there was no help in the midst of it all,  a friend of mine helped to reduce the cost of the venue we used from 600k to 150k by talking to her Boss for us. Someone gave me 50k to add to the payment for the venue. About 3 days before the event someone sent me 80k the exact amount we needed to do a very minimal decoration to make the place look nice just, we were able to get an affordable Livestream person after initially getting a bill of over 300k, after not doing product photography jobs for a while I got some jobs that could help me cover some of the costs and so on all of these seemingly little big things gave me the courage to keep going. 

A few days before the event while trying to send emails to everyone with links for the event I realized that the form didn't collect email addresses and at the time we had over 200 people registered. I was so confused for context this is the same form I have used for 4 years, I didn't change anything just duplicated it and changed the year, so how the "email" column went missing is still a mystery to me to date. Thankfully, phone numbers were collected and I quickly went to work getting a good Bulk SMS platform to help send text messages with the link and my friend Ruth helped me to send a follow-up message.

On the day of the event, I woke up excited and I would say everything went smoothly for Day 1, my excitement spilled into Day 2 with so much nervousness because it was physical and so many moving parts which also meant after I do ALL I know to do, MANY things could go wrong. We were ready for the slated 10am but then one of the speakers was in traffic, the attendees came late too so we had to move the event by an hour. 

We could only send messages to the limited phone numbers and emails we had and of course, some people sent me messages to ask, some called and it all just made me agitated, sad, and upset. We started and things were going smoothly up until the middle of the event and the internet in the hall stopped working which interrupted the Livestream. We were all looking for alternatives and all till it was finally sorted. Hardly sat down throughout the event, just monitoring the Livestream and making sure one more thing doesn't go wrong. 

I was the last speaker for the day and if you by chance listened to the presentation, I was not on my A game at all, I was so sad at that point at how everything went that I kept repeating most of my words and all the things I prepared in my mind just flew out the window. 

I met a number of people that day too and I am grateful for every single person that came that day. 

When I got home that night, I couldn't hold back the tears, I cried about how difficult it was to put the event together, I cried about how my expectations were shattered by the number of people that didn't show up for the event, I cried for the physical pain and tiredness my body felt, I cried for the sacrifice. I cried because I could finally exhale. 

My husband was there to give me some perspective and remind me why I started in the first place. 

I had to log off my social media for a bit to gain some clarity because I started questioning and doubting myself and why I was doing what I was doing and ultimately weighing if it was worth it all. 

I've spent some time resting and gaining clarity and while I don't know what the future holds I am positive that all the past conversations we've had was worth it and I am grateful for everyone that contributed one way or another. 














Your contribution made a difference in bringing the event to life. I am hopeful that in spite of all the challenges everything is working out for good. 

You can catch the replay for the 2022 Homeschooling Conversations below: 

Full Day 1: Here

Full Day 2: Here

Playlist of the different sessions: Here 

If you joined the event and you have feedback please leave a comment or send an email to 

Thank you.