There are a few things I bought this year that really really helped our Homeschooling journey this year.

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1. Oraimo Bluetooth Speaker
2. Magnet Tiles
3. Mini "Lego" blocks
4. Printer
5. Display wall
6. Scribd Subscription

1. Oraimo: I loved the Oraimo speaker because, on our journey to less screen time, it came in so handy. We could listen to audiobooks, nursery rhymes, and songs without looking at a screen. The battery life is great, and the Bluetooth range is also awesome and easy to charge. It has an alarm clock too if you desire it but that's also the only downside I see to it, the alarm is not so easy to disable and it's so loud and even when it's off it rings (which I guess it's a good thing). 

2. Magnet tiles: This has been a hit in our household because my son will spend hours building, the downside to the one we bought is that it easily falls, but that's what is available to us here in Lagos. If you are reading this in another country I would recommend something more durable. 

3. Mini "Lego" blocks: We got this from Miniso it is a huge hit hit hit, they have different variations, some are small and some are tiny - we have the 2. I can't tell you how many more hours he spent playing with this. The only downside to it is, if you have younger children then pieces are so small and a choking hazard, my older child had to either close himself up in a room to play with it or pack it up as soon as his sibling shows up. 

4. Printer: Our Hp printer was a huge resource that helped our homeschool journey this year. I'm not a very big fan or worksheets and I don't use them alot but I found myself printing so much this year. The printer came in handy. 

5. Display Well: I don't know if I can categorize this as a resource but we did our display wall this year, high enough for it not to be reached by my youngest but low enough to be seen by everyone! I loved changing things up, showing our work for the week, and switching it up when the week was over. It was an absolute treat. My son looked forward to it and he could get a sense of what was happening. I got the basket circle thing in Maryland cane market.

6. Scribd Subscriptions: We have a family Scribd that we have used to listen to books for everyone, Hubby, the kids, and I. There is something for everyone. Use this link to get your first 2 months free. 

We had a great homeschool year, looking forward to the 2023 homeschool year.

What has been your 2022 favorite homeschooling resource? 

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