It's that time of the year when I take stock and tell you about my blogging journey in the previous year and share my goals for the new year. 

My Blogging journey in 2022 was up and down. I got some collaborations but not as much as I would love and honestly, as a Blog, I really don't just want to do blogging campaigns the way it's done in this country by doing ads and just getting briefs that sometimes you as the creator know won't work for your audience. I really wanted to get to that place where I could say no to offers that didn't align with my brand. I found my voice in 2022 and I told a brand I wasn't interested in their business if they kept stressing me the way they were, I told another brand I would only speak the truth about my experience with their products as they gave me a list of words they wanted me to say. I only said the ones that were true about my own experience with the product. I could do that because I have another source of income and I wasn't desperate for their money and it was just a plus. I wrote fewer articles in 2022 because it was my first year as a mum of 2 and I am still navigating all that it entails. 

This year I am hoping to work with just brands that align with my audience and what will mean a lot to them when it comes to ads and for brand campaigns, I am hoping to work with brands who don't just want to dish out briefs and send to all the bloggers in the niche to execute the same things but actually find campaigns that are meaningful to each of the creators so they can make it theirs, I think the marketing will be more effective. For any brand that would love to work with me in that direction, I am open to discussions on brand alignment and values. 

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Let's talk about what was achieved last year from the post.

2022 Blog Goals: 

  1. Continue to consistently create valuable content documenting our journey of homeschooling and life as a SAHM - I won't say I achieved this because my brain was mostly fried all year. Like I was surviving each day.
  2. Finish a project before March. (I will tell you all about it) - I was talking about my book!! I DID even if I finished in August. Lol. Click to check it out 
  3. Would love to collaborate with brands and do more campaigns - This didn't exactly happen but I did 2.5 campaigns with 2 major brands
  4. Visit at least 40 places with Cuddles - We visited 45 Places!!!! 3 States in Nigeria.
  5. Relaunch my Canva course and Record the Blogging course - I did NOT. Lool. I am learning how to do it better so I would work on it 
  6. Build our Homeschooling Community - Again, this did not happen. 
  7. Get me a Manager - I worked with an assistant this year but I still can't afford to get the kind of effective person I NEED so I stopped after like 2 months.

We still managed to post 24 Blog Posts; 

My Goal for 2023 and my word for this blog is FOCUS. I spent too much time looking left and right at what other people were doing or not doing. These are my goals for this year.

1. Write 40 relevant and SEO-friendly articles in my niche (Being a stay-at-home mum and Homeschooling) 
2. Visit 50 Places with my kids ( 4 states, 1 Country, and revisit our favorite places in Lagos) 
3. Grow my Instagram to 30k Followers by creating relevant content. 
4. Increase my blog stream of income by 3 - create relevant courses for my audience, get relevant ads for my blog, and Affiliate.
5. Start my Youtube channel and grow to 1k Subscribers. 
6. Work with at least 5 major brands on campaigns that will mean a lot to me and my audience.

2022 Income report: This is how much I earned in 2022 with my account that was at 11k - 13k Followers 

Book: N200k
Ads: N213k 
Jumia Affiliate: N1500 

My expenses for my blog: I figured I should add my expenses too so it's a realistic picture but I didn't keep track of everything. 

Domain name: $17
Email: N9,000
Marketing: I honestly didn't keep track.  

I made a total of N414,000 in revenue which compared to last year is a huge leap. I look forward to what this year has to offer and I can't wait to share it all with you by the year 2024! Like I always say, the game of blogging is a long-term one but if you are consistent, it makes sense. I love that there is steady visible growth and for that I am excited. 

If you would like to work with me this year, either to review your product, advertise your product to my audience, review your kid's play place or your family-friendly country, etc. please send an email to with the subject "Request for Media Kit"

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