It's 2023 and it's been a couple of years since we visited Mindscape museum last.

I've been going to Mindscape on and off since 2019 and I've seen different forms of them since then and one thing that is a constant is IT'S AN ABSOLUTELY LOVELY PLACE.

One of the spaces I've given 5 cuddly loves, not because they don't have their shortcomings but because the value outweighs the shortcomings.

They have upgraded since the last time I went there, here are some of the things that changed.

1. They upgraded some of the exhibits. Removed some (bank, law court) and replaced with Town Hall, imaginative play area (the blue blocks space) they also added the Nigeria map section. Those knobs when pressed tell you a bit about the state pressed. How cool is that?

2. They have minders that are present but not intrusive. I think part of what they stand for is independent play so they are around watching the kids but not interfering with their play.

3. There's someone to take you around if it's your first time in the space. They will show you around (I saw them do for 2 people while we were there)

4. The space seems brighter. Like they added more light. I don't remember it being that bright before.

What I didn't like

What I didn't like was that the prices have gone up slightly. But I mean, it's understandable because Nigeria is Nigeriaing at the moment.

The other thing I didn't like or should I say they can do better is refreshing the spaces or having their staff be a bit more hands-on with the utilization of each space (not necessarily with the kids) e.g in the restaurant there is a staff giving the kids money before they have to pretend play or something like that. That way the goal of each space will be achieved with the kids.


Children 3 and above 4,500
Children 12 months to 35 months 2,500
Parents Free
Nanny 3000

They want to encourage you as the parents to be involved so you pay extra if your nanny is the one in charge of your kids.

I love what they are about and I'm definitely going back. If you are looking for midterm Waka. You're welcome and like I said, it's worth a trip from the mainland.

Location: Lekki Phase 1. Map is correct!.

Watch the video here