Remote Job Opportunities For Stay-At-Home Mums

Mothers who quit their jobs or businesses to care for their children full time, often wonder how best to keep themselves busy and distracted beyond chores and motherhood and equally have some financial safety net. The good news is, the 21st century has come with continuously evolving modernity and many perks that make life easier. Remote jobs are one of such perks. So many organizations are incorporating remote work options into their structure. Working remote jobs can be a huge breath of fresh air for SAHMs. It can add a little zag to their linear way of life and financial security.

Stay-at-home mums who want to develop a financial safety net can consider any of these 10 remote job opportunities that offer decent to high pay:

Transcription: This involves transforming audio or voice information to written format. This can be audio recordings, or podcasts You can start working with your phone if you don't have a laptop yet. A good listening skill is a huge requirement to be successful in transcription, as verbatim writing is mostly the goal here. Some skills needed for transcription are speed typing, accuracy, good spelling, grammar and punctuation, computer proficiency, strong concentration, and time management skills. Some companies that hire transcriptionists include: Go transcript, Transcription for Everyone, 3Play Media  VoxTab, Scribie

 The pay is average and you can earn as high as $20 per hour.

Data entry: Data entry is the process of automating data by inputting them into the computer. This could be financial reports or research data. Data entry is one of the most high in-demand remote skills. You would need to have some skills like meticulousness, research and data collection, time management etc. Understanding softwares like Excel, Google Sheets or LibreOffice Calc is equally important. You can find data entry jobs on Freelancer Jooble  Upwork 

Virtual assistance: A virtual assistant does the same job as an administrative assistant but through virtual media. Tons of people seek out virtual assistants every day to help them with mundane and even complex tasks. This could be replying emails, schedule management, file organization etc. Skills required are organization, time management, communication, critical thinking, writing, technical skills etc. Virtual assistant jobs can be found on Fiverr, Freelancer, Jooble, Flex jobs  Upwork

Online Teacher/Tutor: Online tutoring is another lucrative venture. So many people now resort to online learning because of the flexibility and comfort it offers. You can teach virtually anything online, from educational courses, life hacks, do-it-yourself guides, and so forth. You can sign up on platforms like Chegg Study  Skooli Tutor Point, Mathnasium, or start a YouTube channel. Either way, choose the method that suits you better.

Online Marketing: Marketing has long expanded from the typical brick-and-mortar style to various online formats. Having the passion to sell is not enough for marketing. You would need to take some courses to sharpen your skills. There are tons of platforms like Udemy, and Coursera that offer marketing courses. There are so many forms of marketing to choose from like digital marketing, content, social media marketing, and so forth.

Freelance writing: You can also make money from writing cool pieces for people. A good command of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and creativity are some of the things needed to start writing professionally. You can also improve your skills by taking professional courses. Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Jooble offer a plethora of opportunities for freelancers and potential clients. Start by signing up, setting up your profile (with your rates included), and then pitch to clients.

Customer Support: This job involves processing complaints and issues related to products and services. A customer support specialist also provides clarity on the usage of products. You would need to have a good of customer service management and softwares like Trello,, Zendesk, Zoho Desk etc. Some soft skills required for the job are communication, problem solving, customer focus, time management, analytical skills, conflict resolution and empathy.

Content creation: Your creative abilities can earn you tons of money through content creation.  Social media is the rave of the moment and various platforms reward ingenious creators by ad revenue sharing. You can choose to focus on one platform or create content across all the social media platforms, if you get the hang of all of it. You can start with mom content on TikTok or anything else you feel passionate about. It is important to study the any social media platform you want to work with and know the ropes of the metrics. It will be frustrating to create content people don't engage with.

Graphics Design: A graphics designer is a person who uses a computer software or hand to create designs, images or pictures for personal or commercial consumption. 

Graphics designers create ad bills, magazine covers, brochures and other design requirements. If you decide to venture into graphics designing, you'd have to acquire the skills required for it and have a strong portfolio that will convince potential clients. You can find graphics design jobs on Upwork, Freelancer,   Fiverr 

Web development: If you're on the techy side, you can consider web development. This is basically developing a website for the internet. A lot of technical skills are needed for web development. Aspiring web developers need to have skills in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, SEO and so forth. Check out courses for web developers like Coursera, Udemy, Hubspot etc.

The opportunities in the world are endless and you only have to be creative and go after what you want however it is important to note that if you are being realistic being a SAHM and combining work is just like moonlighting. Therefore, you should aim to make the most out of what you want to do. A friendly advice would be to pick niches in high demand, develop the skills needed, and search for jobs. You should also keep in mind that the job market is super competitive and jobs won't fall on a platter. Hence, go easy on yourself when your job search efforts are futile. Also, build an online presence. You never can tell, your dream job might come knocking on your door.

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