Every year I have looked back at my blogging year to take stock of what I have done in terms of goals and one of the aims of documenting my journey is to show stay-at-home mums that it is possible to grow steadily on this platform. 

I really hope that my journey inspires some people. I started this blog in 2017 (and you can go through my previous blog reports) I started earning money from it in 2020 

In 2022 I made 414,000 

The biggest game changer has been creating products both physical & digital. I know it is possible to make money doing adverts for brands but if you don't have a large following and you've not structured yourself to be a content creator, they are always far and in-between. Personally, I also don't like how brands treat creators and don't give them creative power. This has been my major challenge with doing brand deals. If I do get the ones that resonate I am always open to working with them but I wanted to build my business independent of money that comes from that source and that's part of what I did in 2023. 

The major thing we were able to achieve on this blog was basically impact and for this I'm grateful. Here are some of the highlights of the year;

  • Our Instagram grew to 16,000+ followers.
  • I was featured on the cover of Price Pally magazine. Coverrrrrr!! My first magazine feature. 
  • We organized another edition of Homeschooling Conversations. 
  • I traveled to Makurdi to do an offline workshop on Home education. 
  • We started averaging over 10k+/Month in blog views and grew to over 400k all-time views.
  • Started Free homeschooling consultations and helped over 50 parents gain clarity on their homeschooling journey. 

It was great to experience all of it not without its fair share of gbas gbos but we give God all the glory. 

Review of my 2023 goals: Here's what I did with my goals for 2023

1. Write 40 relevant and SEO-friendly articles in my niche (Being a stay-at-home mum and Homeschooling) - 18 articles published but I recently got a writer to create those articles. 
2. Visit 50 Places with my kids ( 4 states, 1 Country, and revisit our favorite places in Lagos) - We visited 6 states - Jos, Bauchi, Benue, Abuja, Oyo, Ogun, and our favorite places in Lagos.
3. Grow my Instagram to 30k Followers by creating relevant content. - Ki ki ki Well I gained 3k followers last year.
4. Increase my blog stream of income by 3 - create relevant courses for my audience, get relevant ads for my blog, and Affiliate. - I did create products and webinars.
5. Start my YouTube channel and grow to 1k Subscribers. - Again Ki ki ki. but I did publish some videos last year and I am creating more this year, so please subscribe to my channel. I have 700 more to reach 1k
6. Work with at least 5 major brands on campaigns that will mean a lot to me and my audience. My hopes were really up ooo but I don't even think I worked with any brand last year. 

I am grateful for the goals unmet and the ones met. The reason they were unmet was I am still but one person and running a business, homeschooling, and trying to be a decent human is not for the faint of hearts. 

This brings me to what my goal for 2024 will be REST! Like I am not setting any goals for 2024 honestly. I will rest from all my toiling, anxiety about making more money, trying to grow this business, and having an ambition. 2023 was really rough in that regard, emotionally and running to the next thing or trying to work on making the business work and then juggling that with Homeschooling phew, it was a lot. 

How am I choosing to rest this year;

  1. I am not traveling with the kids this year (except I get a sponsorship) 
  2. I am not paying for any course or product to help me "grow" and definitely no more ads class.
  3. I am not pursuing any ambition for this business. 
  4. I will do whatever I want to do at my pace in terms of products and webinars that I really want to create. 
  5. Above all trusting God with everything.

2023 Income report 

Selar (Digital Products): N1.2Million

Ads: 30,000 I didn't actually keep track of what I made with ads but it wasn't alot. 

2 things I did differently this year were run Facebook ads, the second thing I did was take a loan so I could use it as capital for my business. I didn't spend it all though, it wasn't a lot that I couldn't pay back so it was a good investment even if what I wanted to use it for didn't pan out like I wanted. 

I would most likely make less money this 2024 because I don't want to grind but don't let me underestimate God. Lol. Anyhoos that's it, 

I really do hope that my journey inspires someone out there. 


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