After the euphoria of finding out we were expecting our first child faded, We were hit with the reality that comes with pregnancy. Google became my friend that stuck closer because we hadn't announced to anyone except family which meant I couldn't talk to anyone about it yet. I started dealing with all the symptoms I was having which was Nausea, irritability (I couldn't stand staying in the kitchen), tiredness, food aversion.

Thankfully, I didn't have to go out much because I work from home but I had to give myself the extra boost to get any work done. 

I started my antenatal appointments at 13 weeks and I did the routined anomaly scan which is supposed check and measure something around the neck for down syndrome and it was the highlight of the first trimester because I got to see the baby for the first time. 

"September 5, 2016 
Today, my app says 10 weeks and 2 days. Cuddles is the size of a tart kumquat - If I know what that looks like or even know what it is... I think it translates to still really really small.

For the first time yesterday(Sunday) I puked my guts out. I think it was the folic acid I took later at night with water but it definitely wasn't nice. I am so glad that I don't go through that everyday like some people do, although I felt a huge relief after throwing up last night. 

The better part of today had me feeling nauseated and drinking the ginger ale sure made me feel a whole lot better. I really felt good afterwards. 

The feeling sucks and I can't wait for it to be over, we have 2 more weeks to the end of first trimester, that I am excited about. It will soon be over. It's been over one hour since I drank the last ginger ale and I am already feeling nauseated - Crap! 

Cravings? I am only craving Ofada rice but nothing else even remotely tastes good. I can only really eat the ofada because of the pepper. I am looking forward to when I would enjoy a meal again"

Upside of this Trimester: Seeing the baby during the ultrasound and experiencing the teeny weeny sized baby move around and realising that YOU ARE HAVING A BABU for real!!

Downsides: Asides the symptoms that pregnancy comes with, I started to understand -a little bit- the responsibilities that having a baby comes with, it was no longer about me but what was also best for the baby, from the food I ate and making sure I took my medications. I started to feel inadequate, it dawned on me that I am going to be a mummy to someone that will depend on me and my husband for everything. It was so overwhelming but I spoke to my husband and he encouraged me through it. 

Lessons learnt 

It's not what it is: I learnt that when they say "Nausea" they don't mean throwing up and when they say "Morning sickness" it actually means "All day Sickness" 
Google is really your friend: From finding the best apps to answering all my weird questions, I don't think I've used google so much in all my life. 

Things that helped me survive:

Help - I had someone that helped me with Cooking, cleaning etc.
Ginger Ale - This helped alot with the nausea
Ovia Pregnancy App - I knew what to expect at different times
Journaling - Writing was therapeutic 
Pregnancy YouTube Videos - Sometimes, it's just better to watch people's experiences.

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What is/was your first trimester like? What symptoms do/did you have? What helping/helped you through the process?