My Husband had just indicated that we needed a baby monitor because, I have to cook and I can't watch the baby sleeping until I hear him cry - Which is not very good- So, this faithful day I was home alone and cuddles had taken a nap, I wanted to use the window to quickly get some things done in the kitchen so I improvised. I hope this can help you as it helped me.


  • A Laptop
  • A Phone 
  • 2 Google Accounts 
  • Internet Connection

STEP 1: Add your other Gmail account to your Hangout Or You can just use your someone's own. 
STEP 2: Call the other account on Google Hangout 
STEP 3: Place your Laptop to face your baby 
STEP 4: Ensure you can see your baby on your phone 
STEP 5: Go around the house doing your duties and watch your baby from there! 

Let me know in the comment section; Was this helpful? What have you improvised?