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3 things: New Born Essential 0-3 months || The Cuddle Blog

I know that there are many other things you need at this stage but I am tagging this "Essential" because somethings are more crucial than other things. In the first 3 months of your babys life I call it "Survival mode" most especially if you are a first time mum- because you are just getting starting this new experience and adjusting your life to accommodate a new baby and it is never easy. Here are 3 things that I think are essential to making it a lot more easier.

  1. Nursing Pillow; It's just amazing the difference this pillow makes when you are trying to breastfeed. When you are a sleep deprived new mother with a baby trying to get the hang of breastfeeding and wanting to feed all the time this is a life saver, the support. Oh the support. Your arms will thank you. 
  2. Burb Cloth: Spit Up is REAL and boy is it disgusting!!! Don't get me wrong, I love my baby but that love doesn't extend to what comes out of his mouth.
    You will need the burb cloths, it will save you many times. Have it handy and have a backup for the backup! Thank me later.
  3. Baby Pain reliever: I think the pain reliever is essential because your baby will be taking immunisation injections back to back in the first 3 months and they get so cranky afterwards from the pain. Not a pretty sight.
     Having the pain reliever handy even before you go for the injections go a long way for them. 

What else do you think is a New born essential? 


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