"Feb 9th, 2017 - 33 Weeks 

Wow, it's just amazing how it felt so far but right not, it's here. We have just 7 weeks to go and honestly, it's getting more difficult by the day as everywhere hurts. Lower abdomen, tight tummy, really everything... walking, bending... SIGH

I'm just trying to keep  a positive outlook and attitude towards everything. The last doctors appointment was indicating that you are not in the right position yet, so I have been bouncing on the birthing ball and rolling on it as I hear it help encourage babies to turn. I am trusting God that it will all workout. I will know by next week"


The 3rd trimester was hands down my least favourite. It was a constant battle. It was harder to sleep, harder to get things done, I had more aches and pains and generally not very happy with it. My tummy became very tight which meant that I felt every turn the baby made and it was painful. Lower abdomen hurt and I had back pain. My doctor asked me to take camomile tea for the sleep but it didn't make much of a difference. I would soaked myself in a bath to help me feel lighter and ease the aches but it was soon back as soon as it was time to sleep. The only thing that kept me going was the fact that I was one step closer to meeting my baby.

Doctor's Appointment;

By the 28th week, I had to go for my doctor's appointment every 2 weeks which was abit much, I understand that it is necessary but waiting for over an hour just to spend 5 mins with the doctor every other week coupled with antenatal visits in that condition is not exactly easy. I had an issue once, I had to do a glucose tolerance test as a routine but I saw another doctor (not the one I regularly see) when my result was brought in and I guess he misread it, the incompetent doctor then concluded that I failed the test and I needed to see an endocrinologist - I had never heard that word before that day - mind you this endocrinologist appointment will cost me extra money and the doctor had immediately told me to book the appointment. I decided to seek a second opinion. I went for the glucose tolerance test myself (before I was referred by the hospital) not only was the test cheaper when I went myself the result was also better. Apparently, the hospital didn't inform me about the rules before I took the glucose test and once I saw my regular doctor again, he said it was fine and I didn't need to see any specialist. I learnt that in this country, Hospitals, especially private hospitals are looking out for their pockets first, seek a second opinion and a third if you have to before you take anyone's word for it. 

Glucose tolerance 

I wasn't very happy about needles. Imagine I took the test 2 times.

Physical Changes;

I saw my body change in ways I never knew was possible. The miracle that is carrying a child, is out of this world. For some funny reason I felt less body conscious because I felt like I had an excuse to have the extra pounds and I also felt proud that I didn't look "too big". Which only showed my discipline through the very long journey.

Maternity Shoot;

My husband is a photographer and I am glad he did my photoshoot. I had one of my best friends plan the shoot and she got me props (She wanted the hawaii themed shoot) and all. I wanted a glam classy look but the dress didn't quite come out right so we had to improvise. I would share pictures in another post. Planning this was so much fun but I had to sit on the floor a couple of times during the shoot because I was TIRED! Lol. It helps to have snacks.

During the shoot

I had to deal with a cold sore for the 1st time in my life


I gained an extra 3 kg and I was 66kg by my last appointment before the baby arrived. I gained a total of 10kg through out the pregnancy which was not bad at all.

My heaviest - 65kg

I know that some people have it easy and some people don't, I would say I was somewhere in between because I didn't enjoy all the phases. This 3rd phase was harder because it was my first time and I didn't know what to expect and my mind wasn't prepared for it. The only thing that kept me going was the joy of knowing that there was a little human I was going to meet that would change my world for the better. Do I enjoy the pregnancy journey? No! but I know that I would get pregnant again (By God's grace) in the future but then I know what to expect and I would better prepare for it.

Pregnancy Diaries Series so far:

What was your 3rd Trimester like? Would you want to get pregnant again?