Hello People! This is week 9 of our 52-week theme-based activities 

Here was our plan over the week;

  • Numeracy:
  • Science: Plant a bean seed
  • Craft: Make a smile (paper plate)
  • Fine motor skills: Pom poms in a bottle, Brushing teeth
  • Gross motor skills: Play, Jump, run, ride bike
  • Cooking:
  • Books to read: Time for a bath, Germs are not for sharing,
  • Trip: Pool
  • Screen:
  • Music:
  • Bible:

What happened:

This week was supposed to highlight the importance of personal hygiene, washing hands, brushing teeth, bathing. I let him brush his teeth himself, bath himself, comb, dress himself (as far as he could) while singing "this is the way we..." and since then he's been wanting to do himself but there's so much we can allow him.

Showed him how to wash his hands;

Set up:

  • A Bowl 
  • A Towel
  • Hand Soap

Washing Hands

He had to clean up after the mess
 Science: Planting Beans

The book we use for science

What you need


  • Put the paper towel in the cup
  • Put the beans in the paper cup and wet the paper towel
  • Watch the seed grow in a couple of days

Days Later

Othe activities we did; 

Using flash cards - I don't recommend for 3 years and below. I don't use it again.

We climbed, ran, played in the playground


Screen Time

Identifying daily objects
Found him reading a book.
How's your homeschooling week going?