It all started when I asked on my insta stories for people to recommend financial advisors I could do a one-on-one session with, quite a number of people recommended Money Africa and while I was skeptical (because I paid for one of their monthly access in 2020 and felt lost) I felt it was a one-on-one session, its supposed to be more focused what could go wrong, but I was wrong. 

I will give you a timeline of everything that happened and then you can be the judge. 

September 30th I made an inquiry about their one-on-one session via IG Dm and this was the response I got (see screenshot for whole conversation) 

"We have the One on one session priced at N50,000

One on one:


It’s a comprehensive 2 hours session with our experts + 6 months community support

Here, we provide you with cut out decisions, and actionable information

Its a one off.

Covers global stock and other international investments extensively.

We curate a personalized investment plan for you."

based on this information, 6th of October I paid, after I paid when I was about to book I saw that it was a 1 hour slot, at this point I should've requested for a refund but I mentioned it to them and they said they hadn't effected the change on their copy. One of their reps called me and I expressed my displeasure, she apologised and based on that I said to them "Since it's not 2 hours, please send me a list of questions that will help me prepare so it can be a productive 1 hour" (This is an important part) 

They went ahead to send me some questions, which I felt was for "facts finding" so they can curate the questions for me. See questions they sent below;

I expected an email from that 6th October till Nov 1 (which was the scheduled call) I forgot to send a reminder email but we had the call. I talked to Onome, he asked the questions one of which was "What is my combined salary with my husband" and I mentioned to him that this is why I wanted a list of questions for me to prepare so I can have figures and it will be a productive one hour, he said they will do it going forward, we talked about my children's future education, our family plans and in all of this I also went through line by line exactly how much I had in ALL my piggyvest savings he told me he was taking notes, I also mentioned to him that, he should advice me on the stocks to purchase which he said that he would include in my investment plan. We ended the call, he promised to send the plan by Wednesday and on Thurday (Nov 4) he sent me a spreadsheet that was an educational plan for my 2 sons, so basically different universities, how much their tuition is and how much I need to save monthly for the next 13 years, so I sent an email. 

First of all his first email to me should be a recap of our call, the investment plan based on the call which will then include the educational plan but above is the email I got from him. 

I was now beginning to wonder if this was the person I was on the call with. Remember, I had sent them a first email that I had 300k to invest first, on the call we had talked about us having a long term family goal of buying a house, I had also given him EXACTLY how much I had in my piggyvest, the only information I couldn't give him was my combined salary with my husband which he could've just asked me to send to him after the call. 

I didn't want to go back and forth with him so I sent the team that booked the seesion an email. 

I didn't get a response, so I forwarded the email twice on Nov 8 and included other email addresses

Still no response. So pissed off at this point. 

Nov 12, I sent a "I want a Refund" Email 

I got a call Nov 12, she was telling me they it's better to call for those type of complaints rather than send an email then she mentioned she called me the day I sent the email but missed the call. They didn't think it appropriate to send an email that they called me and I didn't pick up. It's not like I had her phone number or what not. She then responded to my email for the first time after that call.

I really wanted to know what refund policy

Do you see how they initially had this information and didn't do anything about it? After I ask for a refund they see that they don't have a refund policy sent to me, they now send me a file as the said plan which wasn't even based totally on the information I told the Onome guy on the call. I mean atleast 4 - 5 people were cc in these emails and NOT ONE of them thought that it was appropriate for them to own up to their mistakes, the shoddy service rendered and actually apologise. I mean! It's not supposed to be that hard, YET they took my hard earned 50,000 did NOT render a service to me and they expect their business to prosper? I'm amazed honestly. 

Here was the final email I sent to them and I promised to put this on the internet for the world to see that they are not all they make themselves out to be. Hopefully they learn but I am definitely not recommending their paid service in ANY WAY.  

Update from this transaction: