As soon as you are cleared by the doctors after delivery, you are throw into the deep end called breastfeeding - with or without your permission. As a first time mum, I definitely didn't know what to expect with this new but I also wish people talked about these things I found out a few months down the line.

🌻  It's all sort of Messy: Drips, stains, stickiness and leaks. No one really mentioned how messy it can be when you are breastfeeding or when your breast is full. Imagine my shock when my other boob was leaking when he was sucking on one, Why don't people talk about that? Sigh. The world will also know if I don't wear a breast pad. 

🌻 A new category in your wardrobe: It's called "breastfeeding friendly". It won't matter if you can now fit into that pre-baby jump suit or dress - except you have a bottle-friendly baby... go shopping - that's if you get the time. I now wear alot of leggings and button down shirts. 

🌻 People act weird around you if you're popping your boobs out in public. My once private area is now public. I understand boo, it took me a while to get here too. 

🌻 The Cravings don't end: You know how you lose a ton of weight in the first few weeks and then gain it back I feel like just unapologetically munching on every unhealthy food after breastfeeding. I know the scale won't tip in my favour, so I only dream about it. 

🌻 The pain is real and it's not just from latching on: There's the nipple pain you experience the first few weeks of your baby latching, there's engorgement, there's let down pain and there's the emotional "I just need to sleep" pain. Hang in there mama, it doesn't get better but you'd get used to it 

🌻 The new state of your boobs: Very soon, you won't recognise them again. 

Please, tell me what more do they not say about breastfeeding?