Yes! I just coined the word.

 It is every experience unique to Mums! 

I had an out of body experience. Oh No! I had an out of body Mumsperience. It was less then one month after I had Cuddles and he was on a 2 hours eat-sleep schedule. He woke up sometime in the middle of the night this fateful day and He started crying, I picked him up and just kept rocking him but he just won't stop crying. I was beginning to wonder what could be wrong with him when my husband woke up and asked me 

"Did you feed him?" 

It was then I realised that I was supposed to feed him.I fed him and he slept.

It's been almost 5 months since then and I have learnt a few things since then. My baby still wakes up every 2 hours from midnight and on most days I work till about 3 am - because I can hardly do any major mental work during the day - and by the time I am sleeping he is waking up the next hour and 2 hours after that and sometime he doesn't even sleep back immediately. 

Between, 3am and 6am, I end up waking up atleast 2 times and I am in full Zombie mode in those time, my zombie-ness has even graduated to another level in the sense that I usually don't know when I pick him up from his crib. I just find myself feeding him and dropping him back in the crib or I find myself sleep-nursing and almost letting go of my baby - Ouch!

In 5 months, I've gone from not knowing what to do with a crying baby to Sleep-picking-the-child-up without even realising it on some days. Talk about Mumsperience

I have just realised that all that is important is taking each day at a time. Somedays you will forget you are supposed to feed your baby because you are consumed by sleep, other days you will almost drop your baby because you are consumed by sleep. Take each day at a time without any inch of guilt! 

You are doing a great job mama! 

Have you ever had a similar mumsperie
nce? On a scale of 10-10 how sleep deprived are you?

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