One of the support systems we have as Mums/Parents is bringing people into our home to help with child care and one of them involves hiring a nanny. 

In the Nigerian culture, most of the support staff you bring into your home might not necessarily be educated or trained in that field if you want to have affordable child care that is still paid above minimum wage but not exactly the amount that you pay someone with a degree. This is why it is important that in the interview process, due diligence is paid attention to. 

Here are some of the questions we need to ask during the interview phase 

1. What's your educational background: You want to find out the background of the nanny so you can gauge the level of comprehension that is needed for each of the tasks that are required of her. Being a nanny involves following processes, and instructions and if the nanny would not be able to comprehend simple things then it is absolutely not worth it. 

2. Where did you work previously & why you left: Knowing where they worked previously can give you an idea of their journey, experience, and skills they might have gathered from the previous job. It is important to get a reference from the previous employer because a lot of them don't tell the truth. 

3. What's your experience with kids: It's absolutely important to know the age range of kids they have worked with or have had in their vicinity. Some are good with babies and some are not so good with toddlers. 

4. What will you do in x scenario: Make up scenarios that are typical with kids your age and ask her what she would do in that scenario. e.g If my child is eating and keeps throwing the food on the floor, what will you do? If my child hits you what will you do? I know people can always be trained but it is important for you to know where the nanny is at and what values they hold when children are involved so you can even know what areas of training she needs if you like her. 

5.  What do you like about children?: Help you gauge where her heart is towards kids and understand if she is just in it for the money or genuinely has a passion for kids.

6. What do you like to do in your free time?: This can help you know more about her, if she is going to be working with you to take care of your children you can have a fair idea of what she enjoys doing, and can come in handy when you want to reward her asides giving her salary.

7. What do you what to do in 5 years?: Let's face it your staff won't be with you forever and some of the Nigerian nannies your job is just a means to an end. Knowing this can help you see how you can support her long-term goals while she still works with you. 

8. How long do you plan to work?: Closely related to the last question. You also need to know and plan how you would structure going forward. If you have an idea of how long your nanny plans to spend with you, you will know how to plan for it. 

9.  How much do you plan to receive: It is important to know what they expect as salary. Because of the dynamics of how it runs in this country some of the people feel "less than" and can get intimidated in your presence and not ask for what they want. While you have an idea of how much you can afford as a salary, it is important that you give her the chance to say what she would like to receive as a salary. 

10. Find out about her family dynamics and siblings: Find out where she is from, her plans of visiting home, how many siblings she has. 

If you are employing an educated/experienced nanny here are additional questions to ask; 

1. Why did you become a nanny?
2. What age group are you most experienced with?
3. Do you have knowledge of first aid? 
4. What are your views on play? 
5. What are your views on discipline?

The other important things to take into consideration while you are doing your interview is 

1. Body Language 
2. Cheerful Spirit 
3. Teachable Spirit

These are things that will help the working relationship to go smoothly. I hope these questions help you find the best nanny for your family. 

Please leave in the comments what your journey with nannies in Nigeria has been so far.