My first interest in Bauchi was when I followed an account called @Bauchi_friends on Instagram and I had also been seeing a lot of the lovely "Wikki warm springs" images and videos online and I found out Bauchi wasn't so far away from Jos that I knew we had to make the trip. Kill 2 birds with one stone. I still wasn't so sure, I mean would they have things for kids to do in Jos, will Bauchi be safe? But something else solidified my decision to go. 

My domestic help came from Jos who told me it was a safe place for us to travel to. 

Our goal is to travel to safe places in Nigeria that have airports with the kids and anything that aligns with our goal we are for it. This year we have a goal of 4 places and this was our first trip and it was so worth it.  

How I prepared

Places to visit:

The resources I used to plan for the places we will visit: 

  • Google Search: I did a lot of Google searches to find websites that have written lists of places but the challenge is that most of them are not tailored to parents who have kids (and that's why we are here right?) Our articles are tailored for places to visit with kids.  

  • Online Creators/Vendors: I found different creators who are based in Jos, travelers who have gone to Bauchi, and tour guides. I watched all the videos and reached out to some who helped me build my itinerary-unfortunately the Jos tour guide was too expensive for me. There were a few places I couldn't go because we had a tight schedule and looking back I wonder how we did it with 2 kids. 

Our Itinerary:

We had to think about all the things we were going to be doing when we got there. I found some tour guides online that gave me a list of places to go, but his overall price was way above my budget. He was going to charge me about 10k to drive around every day and I ended up spending like 1k as there is Taxify Keke and cab in Jos.

Our plan was to spend 6 days which I planned around the discounted ticket the airline was offering and these are the places we went to eventually: 

  1. Rayfield Resort
  2. Jos Museum 
  3. Jos Zoo 
  4. Mees Palace 
  5. 100 Steps 
  6. Jos Wildlife Park 
  7. 10 Commandments 
  8. Jos - Bauchi Trip
  9. Sumu Wildlife Park
  10. Yankari Game Reserve Museum
  11. Wikki Warm Spring
  12. Giddan Bauchi 
  13. Tafawa Balewa Tomb & Museum 
  14. Emirs Palace 


Only 2 airlines fly to Jos (Didn't find one for Bauchi but they have an airport) 

Arik and Value Jet. 

 I was paying for 2 Adults and 2 kids (6 and almost 2) 

Thankfully Arik at the time was doing a Promo so I booked my ticket within their Promo time which saved me about 20% on ticket prices. 


I was hoping that this would be a good way to start working with brands as a travel creator but it didn't work out as planned. I emailed a bunch of hotels in Jos for collaboration but maybe the emails in Jos are broken because I didn't even get a reply not to talk of a "No".  

So, we had to go check out different hotels when we got there. We settled for Fox Hotel and Crispan Hotel - Here I am still giving them free publicity. haha


I used a tour guide for the Bauchi leg of the trip because of the language barrier and to just be on the safe side in a region that I don't anything about. I still have only 2 left legs and I wanted to count it well when I came back to Lagos. The package included Hotel, Feeding (One meal) Tours, and Transportation for 3 days & 2 nights.

What we packed:

We packed a list of things that I have put together in a pdf for you whenever you need to travel. Jos was a bit cold when we went and packed for the weather. 

What we spent Vs Budget:


Flight: N288,643 
Hotel: N75,000 
Bauchi Tour: N190,000 
Jos Tours: N29,000 
Transportation: N20,000 
To Bauchi: N30,000 

Total: N622,643


Flight: N288,643
Hotel: N87,400 [Fox Hotel: N51,000(3 nights), Crispan: N36,400 (2 nights)]
Tours, Transport & Food (Jos and transportation to Bauchi): N48,100
Bauchi Tour: N180,000 [Got a discount]

Total: N604,143

I hope this articles helps you if you plan to visit Jos and Bauchi with your kids. I would update the places we visit with the reviews of all those places so be sure to visit back in about a week. 

What is stopping you from taking your kids on trips?