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Debunking common myths told to new moms || The Cuddle Blog

I have been a mum for 10 months now and I have heard A LOT of things - some of which I can't even remember. People - who mean well - will come at you with different suggestions, myths, advice. Some will shove it down your throat and expect you to take it as the gospel, others might just offer their support and gently nudge you in the direction you should go. One thing is for sure though, you will hear plenty of these things especially in the first few months but when you are without experience there is a tendency to take everything people tell you hook line and sinker most especially since "It is how people have always been doing it" but with every myth, advice we have to be careful to confirm with your Doctor and understand what works for your baby. 

Here are a few myths that is regularly told to new mums; 

  • You will spoil your child by carrying him a lot and he would get used to it; When my baby was about a month old and in my opinion just wanted to be held, I got advice saying I should not carry him too much or he would be clingy when he is older and I should let him cry. I told my Dr Anne of @mums24 and she said "Imagine if watching him cry is traumatic for you, how do you think your baby feels" and that changed it for me. A baby will cry when he needs something or is uncomfortable, he/she is not trying to manipulate you when they are that young. Carry your baby, cuddle her as long as she wants, the truth is he will never go back to being that little again and you will start missing that stage. Now, my 10month old son is NOT clingy and I carried him every chance I got when he was little. 

  • Umbilical cord must fall off before 7 days: This one is an African thing. There is some sort of pressure for the Umbilical cord to fall off before the naming ceremony which I don't understand. The doctor will typically give you 1-2 weeks for it fall off, so I don't know why we put ourselves under undue pressure. The most important thing is for you to care for it properly and make sure it doesn't get infected. 

  • Babies crossing legs will not walk early: My question to you is why do you want your baby to walk early? Don't you just want your baby to walk when it is appropriate. The irony is once your baby starts walking you will then want him to sit in one place. Your baby is just crossing her legs because that is what feels comfortable at the time. My baby crossed his legs and from all indications would walk before he is 1. 

  • Baby belching while breastfeeding will make your breast hard: I was breastfeeding my baby once and my MIL was there and as the baby belched she just exclaimed "remove his mouth from your breast" and I was shook then I asked "Why" and she said "Your breast will be hard because of the air your baby blows in the breast" - the conversation happened in yoruba and I couldn't stop laughing. I am sure the women in the olden days didn't understand engorgement which is why they had to find a reason to explain it. My breast has recieved a lot of belch and not one hardness. 

  • Strands of wool will stop hiccups; I really don't know why we believe this works. It is absolutely ridiculous to say the least. Lol. I have even heard "It will only work if you believe in it" Do you put wool on your head when you hiccup? Why do you think it will then work because it's happening to a baby? Don't stress yourself. If your baby has hiccups and it's bothering you so much, give him breast milk or formula. 

  • Teething causes fever and different ailment: Teething doesn't cause fever or any other ailment. Imaging the tooth coming out, it opens up the gum while it might be uncomfortable or painful for the child that is not what causes the child to have fever. While the teeth is coming out, it's like an open wound and your baby who is crawling or touching different things puts that hand or that dirty toy in her mouth can infect the gum which can cause the child to come down with a fever. Your baby DOES NOT HAVE TO HAVE ANYTHING BECAUSE SHE IS TEETHING. Just make sure you keep the environment extra clean, keep them comfortable and cuddle more in that period. I only notice my child is teething when his sleeping pattern changes, he is a bit more cranky or his appetite for food reduces and BAM I see the teeth emerging and it's back to his regular routine. 

What myth sounds familiar and which myths have you been told? 


  1. The one about wool on the head. Lol. I just leave him to sit out the hiccups or breastfeed him.

    Some other myths...
    •The one about his frontanelle or awuja as its called in Yoruba language.
    •Bath him with palm oil so he doesn't have body odor.
    •Throwing him up so he isn't easily alarmed or become a scaredy cat. My MIL and husband did this but till date any sudden sound gets him alarmed. Lol

    1. Loool.
      I never heard about the palm oil one. hehehe I heard about the throwing up one too, never worked here either.

      Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks for sharing. I am learning a lot from your blog


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