First Impression: I was so excited when I saw the book online, I pre-ordered it immediately. I love the fact that the book was visually appealing. The quality of the book was above what I expected as per Naija but it wasn't there-there.

What I loved: I love that the book has variety of recipes that at you can use and not only for your baby. I loved the quality of the book, it is better than most prints done by Nigerian authors.

What I didn't like: No attention to details, there was a table of contents with page numbers but the actual pages were not numbered which makes it hard to just skip to what you need.

The structure of the book: There were repeated recipes and I confirmed that.

The quality; I know I said I loved the quality of the book overall but the pictures used shows that they were not deliberate about it. I get that it is a lot of work to make the food and take the pictures but the inconsistency with the images was too much. There were inconsistencies with the fonts and a few errors missed while editing.

Cost: N8,500 (I bought it while it was up for pre-order - don't know how much it costs now)
Rating: 3 Cuddly Love

Will I recommend this? Yes! Because, you can't have too many recipes at your finger tip.

Do you have the August secret Recipe book? What are your thoughts on it?