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 I searched online for different "What's in my hospital bag" videos and articles that made me come up with my list, but when I got to the hospital, we were given a list and obviously, we had to buy a lot of things that had I been in a foreign hospital, it won't be requested from me. So, here is a list for your Nigerian hospital bag;

For Mother
  • 1 Dressing gown
  • 1 Maternity Large Brassiers
  • 1 Large Towel
  • 4 Sanitary pad (ladysept) 
  • 1 pair of flat slippers
  • 1 Toilet soap
  • 1 tin of glucose
  • 1 Toothbrush 
  • 1 tube of toothpaste
  • 1 Body cream
  • 3 clean wrappers
  • 1 Sponge 
  • 2 nightingale spreadable
  • 1 Savlon (small bottle)
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You can save a copy for yourself

For Baby
  • 4 Baby's clothes and vest (cotton)
  • 1 flannel gown
  • 2 baby Shawl to carry the baby
  • 2 Flannel material to carry the baby
  • 1 Big towel
  • 1 bottle of olive oil/Coconut Oil (to clean baby for the first time- you might need a big bottle)
  • 1 baby soap, oil, sponge and comb
  • 1 Antiseptic soap
  • 1 unbreakable flask
  • 1 diaper 
  • 1 methylated spirit(Small bottle)
  • 1 cotton wool
In my own hospital bag I had the following; 
  • Change of clothes for me - loose trousers and a top
  • 1 Diaper 
  • 1 Wipes 
  • 3 Cloths for the baby
  • 1 Baby shawl 
  • A ton of Socks 
  • 2 Mittens 
  • Baby care bag which had nail cutter, comb, thermometer etc
  • Towel
  • A stuffed animal
  • Underwear - Disposable pants and nursing bra
  • Slippers and socks 
  • Book 
  • Nursing Pillow
  • Car Seat - Of course this one is not for the 'Bag' 
  • washcloth, with baby soap, oil etc.
  • Pacifier and Bibs
  • Mosquito Net

Did I miss anything? What was/is your hospital bag?


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