Over the years I have become conscious of the things that I eat, initially because I wanted to lose and maintain my weight but in doing my research I discovered the benefit of actually eating clean way beyond weight lose. I decided to love me enough to not just eat Junk.

When I subscribed to Netflix, was attracted to the documentary "What the Health" and was shocked by everything that was revealed in there and I made a decision based on the information to go vegan.

In my new quest of becoming vegan, I had a conversation with my friend about it and he said "At the end of the day everyone is trying to gain something" what he means is that the creator of the documentary that is exposing the meat and dairy industry and encouraging people to go Vegan will also be trying to gain from the rising vegan industry in the country.

I sort of see his point, in the sense that everyone wants to cash out at the end of the day but I would rather enrich people and businesses that make products that are good for me as against the ones that kill me slowly.

A few people didn't think I was in it for the long haul but, It's been almost 3 months since I made the decision and I am still transitioning but I have had 2 weeks straight vegan meals and it was indeed amazing. It's been an interesting journey since I made the decision.

I will share subsequently on the things I have learnt in this short journey, my recipes and thinking of my baby also being vegan in Nigeria.

What do you think of the vegan lifestyle? Is it something you would consider?