In living life with my toddler, I see a lot of things that I would love to do differently with my second child (God willing) and I decided to make a list of my own and ask other mothers in our community so I will share my own and what other mums said about the topic. 

I have read from other mums who said they said they would do things differently but when the child came it was so different and it didn't happen from a realistic perspective, just like when we say we will do certain things when we have children and do the exact opposite when they come. 

While I know that children are different and you won't be dealing with the same things, I believe that we can plan and prepare for the best for our next child especially as we have the gift of experience to put things in perspective for us! 

So, here is my list;

  • No Tv very early: I have a lot more knowledge on the reasons why I shouldn't allow screen time so early and I am hoping to be able to put that knowledge to in motion. I don't know how it will work out because obviously, my son has TV time and don't know how practical it will be to not allow a baby watch the TV that is right there but hey! That's my intention.
  • Try to sleep train earlier: I tried sleep training my son when he was little but it was such a hassle and I gave up too easily, so as he grew up we now only sleep trained again at 3 years old and now, he still wakes up every day at midnight without fail and that can be frustrating for me. 
  • Get a high chair: I heard this from a mums24 when she was telling me about her daughter and the difference having a high chair made in her feeding habits and all. I didn't even get a high chair for my first but we got a table and chair for him when he turned 2 but he still will stand up and run around. I am hoping that the high chair will help with feeding.
  • Start homeschooling earlier: I will be more purposeful with my child's learning from birth as against waiting till 1-year-old or 18 months. 
  • Might breastfeed a little after 12 months: I would love to extend the breastfeeding till after 12 months, even if it is by pumping and storing. I felt guilty about how I stopped breastfeeding at 12months! 
  • Enjoy the newborn phase more: My son's birth was something and I didn't get to enjoy the newborn phase as much as I would have loved to, I was depressed most of the time, so I intend to enjoy the newborn phase more when my second child comes, be happy and make the moments count.
  • NO CO-SLEEPING!!!!! END OFF!!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Here are what some other mums said they will do/have done differently;

"Placing the child on a routine from two months, no plenty carrying, introduce a wide variety of foods and fruits from 6 months and moreπŸ˜€" - @nittigrattakids 

"I learnt not to be impatient with their learnings after my experience with my first child. Learning takes time for children and every child learns differently. All the fuss and anxiety are unnecessary and we tend to pile much learning on them way too early." - @mums24 (she has 3 kids)

"The most significant thing that comes to mind is that I'm dealing with 'Terrible Twos' better with my second than my first. I knew what to expect. I have as firmer when we started potty training, and I learnt a better way to introduce solids. It's absolutely delightful watching them play together (the fights are not fun πŸ€•) vs when my first would be called a loner because he always stayed by himself and played alone." - @Importeddiapers_ng

"My second is 4 months old. I started placing him in his cot right from the hospital so he is used to it. That's where he sleeps. Breastfeeding didn't hurt unlike the first where my nipples bled for the first week. I didn't buy too many unnecessary things. I also let him soothe himself to sleep instead of relying on the boobs" - @queen_Olaide1

"With my second i did things differently and it worked. From preparation for birth to feeding to what to wear. Basically, i look at and appreciate every phase differently" - @dees.craft.corner

"I would not introduce bottle to my 2nd child certainly" - @doyinfalodun 

"Sleep train and potty train them earlier πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ and of course learn to enjoy them because they truly grow up very quickly" - @mummyclinicc 

"I think I'm just going to stress less. The newborn stage with my first wasn't fun for me at all. I will be intentional about enjoying my second being a baby." @thatjournalista

"I definitely do some things differently the second time around. What worked for the first won’t necessarily work for the second! You have to take it all as it comes." - @Jessbaumgardner 

"One thing I said I was going to do and I did, is to sleep when baby sleeps. Works like magic, it helps me a lot, especially in the early phase." - @auntylanre 

"I learnt to chill out more - I’ve got a second one now and because I can see with my first that they go through phases and those phases pass I enjoyed the experience with my second more so. I also learnt to cherish it more as you realise how precious the time is and how quickly it goes" - @tntkidventures 

"I listened more and I screamed less." - @the_millennialwoman

" I will record more moments. I love looking back and seeing how we've grown as a family and how my baby has grown" - @oloriadedotun

I know that reality might be different if/when it happens that's why I will(God willing) be here to come to give you the gist after. Over to you

What will you/did you do differently with your second child?