This is the final article in the IITA Series 

Remember our Ibadan trip last year?  We were supposed to visit IITA but that was when we learnt that you can't visit without having reservations, so I shelved it for later. This trip has been 3 months in the making, we FINALLY got ourselves to go and it was worth it! We drove down and it took us about 5 hours from Lekki because we left at almost rush hour so Lagos traffic took a chunk of that time. How was it like traveling by road for a 5 years old and 6 months old? Not bad actually, when my 5 years old wasn't talking our ears off he was sleeping and my 6 months old was cranky in his car seat, so we took him out for like 2 mins when he got cranky to breastfeed. He also slept. All in all, it was pretty smooth. 

What we liked about the place:  It goes without saying. THE ENVIRONMENT. I tell you, it is not hype, it's exactly how you see it in the pictures and some!! 

We love that it's an affordable getaway, you'd see how much we spent in total for our trip for 3 nights, you could never get the same thing in Lagos. Never!! The food was also affordable like we ordered a full table (about 7 items on the menu) and they bill came to 10k - what one person will use to eat in Lagos. Lol.

We loved that there was something for everyone, like adults, children, educational, leisure, you can't even possibly do all the activities available. 

We kinda liked the room and also didn't like it (you'd see why shortly) We liked that the flatlets were big enough

What we didn't like:

The room facilities are outdated, like really outdated and some things don't work. e.g the first room we stayed at, one of the ACs was not working, the water heating system wasn't working; in the second room we stayed in, the tap wasn't opening properly, the toilet wasn't flushing properly, you had to hold the flushing handle down for transfer to be completed. 

Very limited breakfast options. Like they make the same things every day. It's yam, bread, or rice but they have side options of stew, omelet, sausage, oats, and cereals. 

One of the staff was just not competent. Like you'd go to the reception to ask for a pressing iron, kettle and it's like he forgets, you have to ask someone else before it gets done swiftly.

I didn't like the food we bought at the snack bar. It wasn't terrible but it wasn't all that either, most of the meals and meat (protein as we call it) were fried dry - crunchy in some cases. My burger felt like I was eating Akara and bread, the only thing I enjoyed was the salad and club sandwich. The menu was also very limited. 

The doors in the flatlet have these outdated portable locks with opens from inside by simply turning the round knob but can't be open from outside except with a key, we were not comfortable with cuddles staying alone in the room incase he decides to opens the door when we have not woken up which is why we blocked the door with a table (see picture above). We all eventually slept in the same room despite having a 2 bedroom flatlet no thanks to the not functioning AC. 

There is a 20% consumption tax at the restaurant. 20% why? Heaven knows. Food is still affordable though. 

Things to note: 

Can you see the menu?

Things to note:

  1. Don't expect too much from the accommodation. It's not a hotel (especially the residential blocks) no room service, you go and eat your food or you take a plate to collect your breakfast or request a takeaway pack for meals from the snack bar. No one is coming to serve you in your room. 
  2. I hear there is a more modern single and double room but like I said in the first booking article they are booked and busy so you have to book ahead to get the good stuff. 
  3. If you are going to be in the flatlets, take things for breakfast or things you can munch on and if you are staying longer, you can consider cooking. You can request for a pressing iron, pots, and kettle. The fridge and freezers work too. No Microwave. We bought packs of water, cereal, bread etc. Don't forget to take your dishwashing soap and sponge -  we did not have anything to wash the pots so we could not cook. 
  4. Take all you need to do each activity. If you plan to swim, golf, fish, play lawn tennis and you have the tools you need at home do not forget to carry them along what you need to do those, don't forget to bring the along i.e. your swimwear, lawn tennis gear, fishing rod, golf gear etc.
  5. The Dam is the best location for a picnic. 
  6. There is a basketball court by the golf course. I am not sure if they provide basketaballs (we did not ask).
  7. When you are making your reservation, request for the official tour too. I hear you have to book way in advance as it is not easy to come by.
  8. Remember you can also rent a bicycle. 
  9. If you can drive to the place please do. It makes it so much easier to get around if you have a car The place is soooo big, walking around with kids will be very stressful.
  10. You also have to book in advance for swimming on the day you want to swim. 
  11. Facemask is so important. They don't joke with it there. 
  12. There is open wifi but it didn't work in the A301-A303 (that was the first flat we stayed at - which is a 2 bedroom apartment) but it worked in the single room flatlet we changed to the next day. 
  13. For a family of 4, the single room flatlet is fine, you can just request an extra bed for your children. 
  14. The restaurant closes at 9pm too. 
  15. The residential blocks have a steep flight of stairs. If you are parking your car on the ground floor and it's not very easy to climb up and down. 

What did we spend?


2 Nights (2 Bedroom Flatlet) - 88,000 

1 Night (1 Bedroom Flatlet) - 33,000 


 Lunch and Dinner Day 1 - 12,000 

Dinner Day 2 - 10,000 

Fuel - 6,000 

Total: 139,000 (It might be less than this because I didn't get the receipt for the food. I just remembered what we paid not exact figures) Also note we didn't pay for any activities because they were either unavailable or too pricey for us. but on Day 1 and 2 you will see the prices so you can plan accordingly


I will rate this place a solid 4.5/5 

Honestly, the environment and serenity help you forgive all their shortcomings. It is absolutely worth it. I advocate for going there twice, once to explore and the second time to just lounge. I am looking forward to my lounging trip!