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Fun Christmas Family Traditions you can start || The Cuddle Blog

Christmas has always been a very special holiday for me because of what it represents and now that I have a Child I get to teach him about Christ and the essence of his birth which is very special to me.
Growing up, our Christmas tradition was just like most Nigerian families, decorate your home at the beginning of December, wake up to my Mum frying puff puff and cooking up a storm - fried rice, Jollof rice, chicken - then going to Church and coming back to feast on all the food till you can no longer move. Now thinking about it, it sounds like the feasting that takes place during Thanksgiving in some other parts of the world.

Since I got married - 2 years ago - my husband is always busy during the Christmas holiday and we’ve not really had a tradition as it’s always a quiet day. Now, we have a child and I won't want him to think that Christmas is not worth celebrating because he has an hardworking Daddy, I would love him to grow up with a tradition that he can appreciate and enjo…
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Vegan - Why I decided to go Vegan || The Cuddle Blog

Over the years I have become conscious of the things that I eat, initially because I wanted to lose and maintain my weight but in doing my research I discovered the benefit of actually eating clean way beyond weight lose. I decided to love me enough to not just eat Junk.

When I subscribed to Netflix, was attracted to the documentary "What the Health" and was shocked by everything that was revealed in there and I made a decision based on the information to go vegan.

In my new quest of becoming vegan, I had a conversation with my friend about it and he said "At the end of the day everyone is trying to gain something" what he means is that the creator of the documentary that is exposing the meat and dairy industry and encouraging people to go Vegan will also be trying to gain from the rising vegan industry in the country.

I sort of see his point, in the sense that everyone wants to cash out at the end of the day but I would rather enrich people and businesses that ma…

List for Hospital Bag for Delivery (Naija Version) || The Cuddle Blog

I searched online for different "What's in my hospital bag" videos and articles that made me come up with my list, but when I got to the Hospital, we were given a list and obviously we had to buy a lot of things that had I been in a yankee hospital, it won't be requested from me. So, here is a list for your hospital bag, Naija version;

For Mother
1 Dressing gown1 Maternity Large Brassiers1 Large Towel4 Sanitary pad (ladysept)1 pair of flat slippers1 Toilet soap1 tin of glucose1 Toothbrush 1 tube of toothpaste1 Body cream3 clean wrappers1 Sponge 2 nightingale spreadable1 Savlon (small bottle)
For Baby 4 Baby's clothes and vest (cotton)1 Flannel gown2 baby Shawl to carry baby2 Flannel material to carry baby1 Big towel1 bottle of olive oil/Coconut Oil1 baby soap,oil,spong and comb1 Antiseptic soap1 unbreakable flask1 diaper 1 methylated spirit(Small bottle)1 cotton wool In my own Hospital bag I had the following;  Change of Cloths for me - a lose trousers and a top1 Di…

5 things I learnt after my baby's first fall || The Cuddle Blog

This is the most terrifying thing I have had to go through in all my 7 months of motherhood. It shook me!

I had just finished bathing for my 5 month old - at the time- and I dropped him to get something, he wasn't rolling over yet so I assumed that a few seconds won't hurt the next thing I knew, I heard a cry, turned and saw my naked baby on the floor - that image is etched in my memory.

I lifted him quickly and he stopped crying but I couldn't stop crying- That ugly-face-sobbing kind of cry. It was very terrifying. My husband, heard me cry and came into the room, I told him why I was crying, he took the baby and prayed for him while I picked up my phone to check Google.

I read that I should check his use of the hands and legs, if his pupil is the same size, if he is not sleepy or vomiting. I checked and checked again, he appeared fine and was laughing already but I was convinced that I had ruined him by making him fall, for the next couple of days, every thing he did - l…

Breastfeeding Chronicles: Engorgement

The first few days after having my baby was no fun at all. Asides dealing with the pain from surgery there was breastfeeding. I honestly didn't want to deal with it and was very happy anytime they made him formula but soon enough I stated running temperature and overnight a huge lump had appeared in my armpit. I cried as different things were running through my mind, I mean, how would I have cancer immediately I gave birth to my baby. My breasts were rock solid and I had no clue(an no one really told me about this) what was up till I went of Google.

So, What is Engorgement?
Engorgement means your breasts are painfully full of milk [WebMD]What are the signs? 

Very full breastsHeadacheMight have swollen lump in your armpit (They are called lymph nodes)What helps?  Pumping: Pump as much as you can to get relief, direct the pump towards the lump to draw out the milk. The down side to this is you might produce more milk and that means fuller breasts. What can help is to get on a schedul…

Hawaiian themed Maternity Shoot || The Cuddle Blog

You'd think because my husband is a photographer that I would have a lorry load of pictures, when the said husband has a crazy schedule you make do with the time you have. Photoshoots are always a good idea when I am not the subject, when I get in front of the camera, I realise that it is always not as easy as it looks. 
I hassled my dear husband and we had 2 shoots in the course of my pregnancy, the first was at 5 months - when my bump suddenly made an appearance - and the 2nd was at 8 months. When it comes to things like these, I am not the most creative but I am glad for great friends who have my back. My friend chose a theme, bought the props and organised most of the things I used for the shoot. 
We went elaborate for the 2nd shoot, makeup artist and all.  My sisters came over as well! I absolutely loved my makeup, although, I was very tired by the time we were done, I was a happy mama.
Here are the pictures below;
@ 5 months!

@ 8 Months;

What no one tells you about breastfeeding || The Cuddle Blog

As soon as you are cleared by the doctors after delivery, you are throw into the deep end called breastfeeding - with or without your permission. As a first time mum, I definitely didn't know what to expect with this new but I also wish people talked about these things I found out a few months down the line.