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Merry Christmas || The Cuddle Blog

Merry Christmas to you all!!!!!!
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Review: Pampers Baby-Dry Diapers || The Cuddle Blog

Product:The Pampers Baby-dry promises up to 12 hours Dryness due to it's 3 layers of absorb channel, comfort with stretchy sides and breathability. Apparently, a few years ago they improved on the product to what you have now.

Family Christmas Movies you can watch with reviews

I am a big fan of movies. Comedy, thriller, drama and romcoms are my go-to movies.  I would've loved Nigerian movies on this list but unfortunately we have not started creating themed family movies yet. In the process of creating this list, I found out that there are different genres of christmas movies (Horror, R18 etc) but since we are in the Christmas spirit and in the mood of creating Christmas family traditions I have come up with a list of family Christmas movies to watch.

The Grinch;

Age 9+ 

"What parents need to know is this imaginative version of Dr. Seuss' beloved classic may be too intense and scary for the youngest or most sensitive kids. Ominous music accompanies the Grinch and his cartoon trouble making in multiple scenes. Jim Carrey, behind a rubbery green face, is the master of cackles and distorted facial expressions. A heroic little girl is in danger more than once. Kids who understand the difference between the real and the fantastical will delight in the …

Review: Molfix Diaper || The Cuddle Blog

Product; Molfix baby diapers are produced with utmost care, they are extremely gentle on your baby's sensitive skin, and their green absorbent layer provides perfect dryness while the outer surface of the diaper protects the skin. Thanks to water-resistant barriers that prevent leaks, Molfix gives babies full protection and keeps their skin dry and healthy around the clock

Fun Christmas Family Traditions you can start || The Cuddle Blog

Christmas has always been a very special holiday for me because of what it represents and now that I have a Child I get to teach him about Christ and the essence of his birth which is very special to me.
Growing up, our Christmas tradition was just like most Nigerian families, decorate your home at the beginning of December, wake up to my Mum frying puff puff and cooking up a storm - fried rice, Jollof rice, chicken - then going to Church and coming back to feast on all the food till you can no longer move. Now thinking about it, it sounds like the feasting that takes place during Thanksgiving in some other parts of the world.

Since I got married - 2 years ago - my husband is always busy during the Christmas holiday and we’ve not really had a tradition as it’s always a quiet day. Now, we have a child and I won't want him to think that Christmas is not worth celebrating because he has an hardworking Daddy, I would love him to grow up with a tradition that he can appreciate and enjo…

Vegan - Why I decided to go Vegan || The Cuddle Blog

Over the years I have become conscious of the things that I eat, initially because I wanted to lose and maintain my weight but in doing my research I discovered the benefit of actually eating clean way beyond weight lose. I decided to love me enough to not just eat Junk.

When I subscribed to Netflix, was attracted to the documentary "What the Health" and was shocked by everything that was revealed in there and I made a decision based on the information to go vegan.

In my new quest of becoming vegan, I had a conversation with my friend about it and he said "At the end of the day everyone is trying to gain something" what he means is that the creator of the documentary that is exposing the meat and dairy industry and encouraging people to go Vegan will also be trying to gain from the rising vegan industry in the country.

I sort of see his point, in the sense that everyone wants to cash out at the end of the day but I would rather enrich people and businesses that ma…

List for Hospital Bag for Delivery in Nigeria || The Cuddle Blog

I searched online for different "What's in my hospital bag" videos and articles that made me come up with my list, but when I got to the Hospital, we were given a list and obviously we had to buy a lot of things that had I been in a yankee hospital, it won't be requested from me. So, here is a list for your hospital bag, Naija version;

For Mother
1 Dressing gown1 Maternity Large Brassiers1 Large Towel4 Sanitary pad (ladysept)1 pair of flat slippers1 Toilet soap1 tin of glucose1 Toothbrush 1 tube of toothpaste1 Body cream3 clean wrappers1 Sponge 2 nightingale spreadable1 Savlon (small bottle)
For Baby 4 Baby's clothes and vest (cotton)1 Flannel gown2 baby Shawl to carry baby2 Flannel material to carry baby1 Big towel1 bottle of olive oil/Coconut Oil1 baby soap,oil,spong and comb1 Antiseptic soap1 unbreakable flask1 diaper 1 methylated spirit(Small bottle)1 cotton wool In my own Hospital bag I had the following;  Change of Cloths for me - a lose trousers and a top1 Di…