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I don't want to parent better than my parents

I recently saw on a friends insta story that your Job as a parent is more than paying school fees  and I got curious and asked him what else do parents owe their children and we went on to have a discussion and based on that discussion there are something I think we need to talk about.

I remember my Dad always said something along the lines of just owing us just education and I started to wonder on the part of our parents, why did they think that they owed us only education?

Struggle; Most of our parents had to struggle to get an education, you had to have a some worth enlightened father or mother who took education seriously. Some of them had to watch their parents do menial jobs for them to be sent to school and they promised to do better so they could afford education for their kids. They saw the benefit; How they had a better life compared to their parents or other peers that did not go to school. They Genuinely believed it; They really believed in the idea that it was all they ow…
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Review: August Secrets range of products

First Impression: The packaging was a bit underwhelming, I got over that quickly as soon as I opened it and smelt it. I absolutely loved the smell and the fact that it was all natural. I am a sucker for that. 
What I loved: The smell, I loved that my son loved it. He could even take it without formula - we had a phase where he didn't like milk - I love that the foods are versatile and can be used in different recipes

What I didn't like; there was really nothing I disliked about the product , maybe except that it finished quickly. Unfortunately, I had to stop buying from them, on 2 occasions after preparing the meals I saw ant in the food. The first time (first batch I bought) I told them and they replaced it for me but I didn't bother to tell them the second time. I am sure it wasn't from my house because, I had always kept the products in the fridge. 

Verdict: Will I recommend the products? yes! this is just my experience and it has been a lot more difficult to make sure…

REVIEW: August Secrets Recipe Book

First Impression: I was so excited when I saw the book online, I pre ordered it immediately. I love the fact that the book was visually appealing. The quality of the book was above what I expected as per Naija but it wasn't there there. 

What I loved: I love that the book has variety of recipes that you can use and not only for your baby. I loved the quality of the book, it is better than most prints done by Nigerian authors. 

What I didn't like: No attention to details, there was a table of contents with page numbers but the actual pages were not numbered which makes it hard to just skip to what you need. 

The structure of the book: There were repeated recipes and I confirmed that. The quality; I know I said I loved the quality of the book overall but the pictures used shows that they were not deliberate about it. I get that it is a lot of work to make the food and take the pictures but the inconsistency with the images was too much. There were inconsistencies with the fonts and …

Benefits of being a stay at home mum || Interview with Dr Anne Olowu [Video]

Hello Mama, 
I sat down with a stay at home mum Dr Anne Olowu were we discussed her experience being a stay at home mum. On today'e episode we talk about the benefits of being a stay at home mum. 

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Why I decided to blog about my motherhood Journey - One year anniversary

The cuddle blog is One!!! *does the shuffle*  In honour of our one year anniversary, I would like to share my reason for starting this blog. 

Where I come from, we hide pregnancies. We don’t tell anyone except close family members until we can’t deny it anymore. Definitely a social media announcement is a no-no. I think in the days before it was mostly out of fear of people using diabolic means to hurt you or your child and I don’t blame them. We heard so many stories about that.  
Before I got married I was very open with my life (to some extent) but when you get married to a very private person the dynamics change. It took a lot of balancing acts to find out how much was too much information to share. When we got pregnant, it was a no brainer. My husband didn’t like his business out there, I knew but I still went ahead to design a pregnancy announcement, showed him and he then told me that he didn’t want to share it on social media. We were one the same page.
Ofcourse our families an…

Caring beyond caring - A Tribute to Mothers on mothers day

It is my first mother’s day and as my son grows closer to the end of his first year on earth it is inevitable
that I get this moment of reflection. I can categorically now say that I had no clue what mothering entailed.
When I went to visit people that gave birth and even the closest to me - my sister -
I still never understood. You never really understand until you are a primary caregiver to a child.

It’s not just a bath; It’s like just seeing them taking baths for the baby and thinking that is all that it entails
but there is the cleaning of the ears, nose, cutting of the nails, burping, pacing in the middle of the night,
vomits, after immunisation temperature, sleep training, colic crying child, sleep deprivation,
picking out the outfits, enduring kicks before you eventually get the diaper in place.  

It’s really not about you;I have been a mother for almost 1 year now and I know that mothering is one of the hardest jobs
that there is. The weight -which shouldn’t really be a weight - …

Debunking common myths told to new moms || The Cuddle Blog

I have been a mum for 10 months now and I have heard A LOT of things - some of which I can't even remember. People - who mean well - will come at you with different suggestions, myths, advice. Some will shove it down your throat and expect you to take it as the gospel, others might just offer their support and gently nudge you in the direction you should go. One thing is for sure though, you will hear plenty of these things especially in the first few months but when you are without experience there is a tendency to take everything people tell you hook line and sinker most especially since "It is how people have always been doing it" but with every myth, advice we have to be careful to confirm with your Doctor and understand what works for your baby. 

Here are a few myths that is regularly told to new mums; 

You will spoil your child by carrying him a lot and he would get used to it; When my baby was about a month old and in my opinion just wanted to be held, I got advice …