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Breastfeeding Chronicles: Engorgement

The first few days after having my baby was no fun at all. Asides dealing with the pain from surgery there was breastfeeding. I honestly didn't want to deal with it and was very happy anytime they made him formula but soon enough I stated running temperature and overnight a huge lump had appeared in my armpit. I cried as different things were running through my mind, I mean, how would I have cancer immediately I gave birth to my baby. My breasts were rock solid and I had no clue(an no one really told me about this) what was up till I went of Google.

So, What is Engorgement?
Engorgement means your breasts are painfully full of milk [WebMD]What are the signs? 

Very full breastsHeadacheMight have swollen lump in your armpit (They are called lymph nodes)What helps?  Pumping: Pump as much as you can to get relief, direct the pump towards the lump to draw out the milk. The down side to this is you might produce more milk and that means fuller breasts. What can help is to get on a schedul…

Hawaiian themed Maternity Shoot || The Cuddle Blog

You'd think because my husband is a photographer that I would have a lorry load of pictures, when the said husband has a crazy schedule you make do with the time you have. Photoshoots are always a good idea when I am not the subject, when I get in front of the camera, I realise that it is always not as easy as it looks. 
I hassled my dear husband and we had 2 shoots in the course of my pregnancy, the first was at 5 months - when my bump suddenly made an appearance - and the 2nd was at 8 months. When it comes to things like these, I am not the most creative but I am glad for great friends who have my back. My friend chose a theme, bought the props and organised most of the things I used for the shoot. 
We went elaborate for the 2nd shoot, makeup artist and all.  My sisters came over as well! I absolutely loved my makeup, although, I was very tired by the time we were done, I was a happy mama.
Here are the pictures below;
@ 5 months!

@ 8 Months;

What no one tells you about breastfeeding || The Cuddle Blog

As soon as you are cleared by the doctors after delivery, you are throw into the deep end called breastfeeding - with or without your permission. As a first time mum, I definitely didn't know what to expect with this new but I also wish people talked about these things I found out a few months down the line.

What is victory? || The Cuddle Blog

What is Victory to you?

Out of body Mumsperience || The Cuddle Blog


Yes! I just coined the word.

It is every experience unique to Mums! 
I had an out of body experience. Oh No! I had an out of body Mumsperience. It was less then one month after I had Cuddles and he was on a 2 hours eat-sleep schedule. He woke up sometime in the middle of the night this fateful day and He started crying, I picked him up and just kept rocking him but he just won't stop crying. I was beginning to wonder what could be wrong with him when my husband woke up and asked me 

3 things: New Mum Essential || The Cuddle Blog

While I was doing my research for this post, I noticed that not alot of people focused on the new mothers in their "essential" posts. It is important that new mums - howbeit hard - should not forget themselves. In light of that, here are 3 things I think are essential for new mums;

A Snack Stash (Especially if you are breastfeeding): I found myself craving for different things when I started breastfeeding. No one told me that the craving won't end, it felt that I was losing weight fast at the beginning but I wanted to eat twice as much. I wanted all the junk food to stuff my face in. I later had a stash of go-to snacks to help with the fixBreast Pads: Nothin as embarrassing as a leaking breast. I didn't have a clue how serious it could be but it is verrrry important that you have enough breast pads, especially if you choose to use the disposable ones. 
Solitude: Being sleep deprived, overwhelmed, tired and feeling like you can't take it any more  comes with the …

Pregnancy Diary 5: Birth Story || The Cuddle Blog

"March 10,2017 37 Weeks 
So,  we're officially going to meet you next week! Incredible. "Just like that?" is the question I asked the doctor. This is not what or how I envisioned it but I am grateful, very grateful. At the end of the day what's most important is that we are all safe and not at risk
These are part of the words I wrote in my pregnancy journal less than a week to meeting my little one. I did my antenatal care in a different hospital and husband and I decided to have our delivery on another hospital, I had to register close to my Edd. I started going to this new hospital and because of my height it was recommended to do a pelvis examination. This is not done routinely but from a certain height they recommend this scan so they can know what they're working with. 
This was the timeline. I went in for my regular appointment on a Friday, I was asked to do the CT Pelvimetry scan the next Friday before I came for my appointment which I did. I gave…

3 things: What I am loving right now #1 || The Cuddle Blog

Here are a list of 3 things that I am loving right now.

Sleep Suits: I absolutely love sleep suits because, Laziness and less laundry. Sleep suit is just one piece of cloth but if I have to dress normally for him I would have at least 3-4 piece of clothing on him. Onesie, trousers, top and socks as against just this one item - Bliss! But unfortunately, I can't fill his wardrobe with sleep suits - Ish
Coconut Oil: I absolutely love the smell and the benefits of using coconut oil on his hair but much more than that, I loveeeee when someone smells it on him and I'm just there feeling a super mama using all natural products for her baby. Hey!! Look at me!!!! I'm making all the right decisions. Shea Butter: I love how it has multiple functions, he had a bit of rash and i used the shea butter, I use it for his hair, I use it for my own skin, I don't need another daiper cream. I mean, if your relationship is broken just put some shea butter on it.  What are the things you are …

3 things: New Born Essential 0-3 months || The Cuddle Blog

I know that there are many other things you need at this stage but I am tagging this "Essential" because somethings are more crucial than other things. In the first 3 months of your babys life I call it "Survival mode" most especially if you are a first time mum- because you are just getting starting this new experience and adjusting your life to accommodate a new baby and it is never easy. Here are 3 things that I think are essential to making it a lot more easier.

Nursing Pillow; It's just amazing the difference this pillow makes when you are trying to breastfeed. When you are a sleep deprived new mother with a baby trying to get the hang of breastfeeding and wanting to feed all the time this is a life saver, the support. Oh the support. Your arms will thank you.  Burb Cloth: Spit Up is REAL and boy is it disgusting!!! Don't get me wrong, I love my baby but that love doesn't extend to what comes out of his mouth. You will need the burb cloths, it will…

Pregnancy Diary 4: 3rd Trimester || The Cuddle Blog

"Feb 9th, 2017 - 33 Weeks 
Wow, it's just amazing how it felt so far but right not, it's here. We have just 7 weeks to go and honestly, it's getting more difficult by the day as everywhere hurts. Lower abdomen, tight tummy, really everything... walking, bending... SIGH
I'm just trying to keep  a positive outlook and attitude towards everything. The last doctors appointment was indicating that you are not in the right position yet, so I have been bouncing on the birthing ball and rolling on it as I hear it help encourage babies to turn. I am trusting God that it will all workout. I will know by next week"

Pregnancy Diary 3: 2nd Trimester || The Cuddle Blog

"Nov 2016. 1
I wonder what makes strength
is it the energy?
the emotion?
or just the ability to do what I don't feel like doing? 
or is there more? 

This has got me bending 
bending over backwards
Things I never felt
Emotions I've only read
and I won't have it any other way
because it births you.

length, 126.
For now, 
For tomorrow. 
For now, because there is so much 
bending I can take. 
for tomorrow, because there is so much
more to look forward to.
You. "

REVIEW: Huggies Newborn Diaper || The Cuddle Blog

About 2 weeks before we were had our baby we still hadn't bought diapers. We had no clue what to buy, so we called a few people for recommendations and this Huggies was not on the list of highly recommended but when we went into the store, we were not sure of the sizing and what size to buy but then we saw this with the "New Born" on it and decided to buy it. 
I must say, it was one of my best purchases for my baby. 
What I Loved:  It has a colour indicator if the diaper is soiled and by the colour I could tell if it was number 1 or number 2. It had a firm grip despite the fact that it started out being small for him. The quality.It is pretty to look at, It has a winnie the pooh design on it.Minimal Spillage; I didn't deal with poop explosions so much until I changed the brand I used What I didn't like: You had to change a couple of times at night.It has just that newborn size; I wished it came in more sizes.  I would definitely recommend this for any new mum. I go…

My Delivery Playlist || The Cuddle Blog

I know and understand the power of music. It is absolutely amazing the part music plays in making our lives more colourful. Naturally, I wanted music to be a part of my delivery. I wanted songs that focused more on the power of God and reminded me that my strength came from him. I didn't want to entertain fear in any way, mostly because of the stories I had read and all the youtube videos I watched.

I specifically picked the following songs and downloaded them on my phone at the beginning of the month and my EDD was the end of the month. I went off social media and I took time off my per-time jobs in order to get in the zone because, I didn't know what to expect but I wanted to be mentally and spiritually strong for it all.

What the playlist did for me was;

- Help me focus on God.
- Take my mind off everything else.
- Calm my nerves and Spirit.
- Continue to declare the greatness and goodness of God.
- Be in the Zone!

Find the playlist on Youtube below. I hope you like them.

Watching my husband be a Dad || The Cuddle Blog

I could feel the excitement when I told him we were expecting our first child but it was nothing compared to the Joy he exuded when he held his Son in his arms for the first time. I saw the twinkle in his eyes "The first sign of my strength" He would say.

Why was it so special? Asides the fact that the miracle of the birth of a child is always so special, My Husband had never thought this was going to happen, He got married a little later than most people in his age group when he least expected it and about a year later found out he was going to have a baby. It was surreal which made him all the more grateful for the blessing of a beautiful boy. While I was busy thinking I wasn't quite ready to be a Mum, He was over the moon and making fun of me.

It's been 3 months!

When we got home from the hospital, Our new baby woke up every 2 hours to feed what we did was at night the would be a bottle of expressed milk and whoever woke up first would feed him. I would nurse him…